What new update spoils?

Ok, so we have new update out, and fix list is pretty long. But what about new bugs, are there any?
I personally found [potential] two:

  1. In Story mode on second phase of The Heliophage, when hit by Bagranth boss mortar shell, the one that suck one in, it fires the target high up into the air, and far even behind the scenery.
  2. Any game mode, any map: it’s the variation of false idicator of Gear ready to be activated (while one has 1 or more already actrivated). It’s generally just a visual one, as it dissapears as soon as one enters gear menu, but this one appears multiple times during the course of a mission/match.

Also: I’d like to mention that announced significant performance improvements for Echelon and Outskirts are barely noticeable (if at all).