What Next - General question

Just finished the game and killing Tyreen wasn’t that difficult. I was winging like mad when she only dropped greens and white’s. It wasn’t until I got back to Sanctuary and found the chest with 5 Gold weapons :slight_smile:
So I am deciding whether to do one of the DLC’s or continue in Mayhem Mode. However my Steam Library shows Moxxi’s Heist of Handsome jackpot, Bounty of Blood and Guns, Love & Tenticles are “InLibrary”. But I can’t find them anywhere. Nothing in the Fast Travel menu, or the Map area menus. Is there a special trick to get these DLC’s to run?

You should see a big yellow exclamation mark on Sanctuary 3 for each DLC.

Moxxi’s Heist, I believe is just off from her bar.
Guns, Love and Tentacles is in Hammerlock’s room.
Bounty of Blood I’m not sure where the trigger is.
Maliwan Takedown should be just outside of Marcus’ shop.
Guardian Takedown I don’t know.

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“In Library” means you’ve downloaded them? All DLC start from a mission in Sanctuary.

Bounty of Blood - at the table near the Quick Change station.
Guardian Takedown - crystal in Tannis’ lab.

This mission is sitting on the table right outside of your room on Sanctuary III.

I’d recommend you try to get up in Mayhem first, so you can get all the DLC mission rewards scaled for Mayhem.