What non-legendary weapons do you enjoy using?

Everyone gets so caught up on what legendaries are the best and which ones are worth using yet, nobody seems to give any love to the uniques or purple rarity weapons. As a result, I am looking for some fun non-legendary weapons to play around with!

So far I have had a lot of fun using the Muckamuck and Droog sniper rifles. Both snipers seem to function similarly to how they did in BL2, which is to say they are both pretty good. The Muckamuck has a slower fire rate but hits like a truck and the Droog has a high fire rate and functions similarly to the Lyuda (But is weaker overall).

Let me know what non-legendary weapons you would recommend picking up and why you think they are good!


Purple hyperian smgs r great. Obviously mashers are too. Purple jakobs shotguns and snipers are also nice.

As for unqiues, lovemachine is one of the best imo and its just a mission reward.

Well, now that these control freaks nerfed the Lyudas, the Drogg may just be a better weapon

They only decreased critical hit damage and reduced the amount of pellets to the intended amount. I’m sure the Lyuda is going to remain a powerful weapon especially if you can find the right anointment for it.

Of note, my favorite sniper as i was leveling from 1-50 was a diamondback with a 5 shot burst. It was so powerful i used it from lv 12 to about lv 35. That 5 shot burst was the key. Now that they nerfed the Lyuda, i may start looking for those.

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Bangstick Torgue Shotgun is now one of the top Shotguns in the game with the nerf of the Flakker. Find one and never look back!

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excellent point

Any hyperion SMG in particular? Also which jakobs shotguns are powerful? I found a nice stagecoach shotgun anointed for +250% damage after using phasecast and I wasn’t particularly impressed with it. Any suggestions would be great!

I will have to give it a try!

How does the Bangstick compare to the Kielbasa? I’ve heard that they are strong but haven’t tested them myself yet. I will definitely have to add it to my list!

Haven’t been able to try a Kielbasa yet honestly. Will have to be on the lookout for one!

For non-uniques nothing particular, anything with anointments that work with your build and decent parts (seen some with 500+ dmg and decent mag size)

The lovemachine is a good purple unique hyperian smg. You get it as a mission reward for the last claplist mission. It’s got x2 projectiles for 1 ammo, decent damage(mine is 490x2), and a set firing pattern (in a small heart)

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Sounds powerful. I will try it out today when I get the chance!

Well farming Slaughter Shaft is great for Legendary, not so much for purples. I will have to find another farming spot if i want to look for purples. Maybe i will go offline and kill tinks

Personally, I put on a snowdrift relic and farm the Crazy Earl vending machine when I want to try out good anointed purple gear. You can find some gems in there if you keep an open mind. :slight_smile:

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Snowdrift? Why, the + 12% to luck?

Q-System ARs by Atlas are great.

Melter, a Maliwan pistol without the charge delay.

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You move faster while sliding which is helpful for getting to the vending machine as fast as possible. When playing with friends it makes you feel like Usain Bolt :slight_smile:

I’ll give them a try, thanks!

Atlas Q-Systems
Hyperion Hosts