What non-legendary weapons do you enjoy using?

Oh i see, i have only played as Zane and he can outrun a vehicle in this game, so speed isn’t an issue with Zane

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Dahl and Jakobs have been my go to non legendary manufacturers.

For Jakobs it’s the usual suspects, Mashers and Muckamucks are amazing. Jakobs shotguns are also amazing.

Dahl I never really stuck to specific ones but the handling of their smg’s and AR’s made them excellent mid rangers.

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Looks like i’m building a Zane now lol

I really like what they did to Dahl weapons in this game I’ll give em a try

Don’t sleep on tediore reloads. Many of the legendary tediore reloads are gimmicky but the purples can have very damaging throws. If you ever find a homing + mirv tediore reload, it’s just glorious


There… kind of hasn’t been a gun (outside of some serious trash whites) that I haven’t found fun to use.

A gun I found surprisingly enjoying is an Atlas AR (might be a Q-System like @gokpok mentioned, but I’m not familiar enough with their weapon line to say for sure, and don’t remember). It’s purple rarity, uses magnetic pucks for tracking, has good zoom, but what’s great about is that it has like 27 seconds of tracking time. I’ve chained kills across like five enemies per puck (since if they die close enough to another enemy, the puck will grab them and off you go as long as the puck is active).

It is also the first Atlas gun I’ve found that’s accurate enough to reliably hit enemies at range, and the crits hit strangely hard. You know how when you’re leveling up and a good Jakobs sniper rifle can carry you through quite a few levels before it starts getting weak? It’s weird having an Atlas in that same role.


Picked up Pa’s Rifle today and definitely enjoying it. Nice crit bonus but no scope so seems to be a good medium distance gun.

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I will keep my eyes peeled for them

Pa’s Rifle I really like as well as Traitor’s Death

Kielbasa yeah i found one of those it looked crazy…almost 5k damage per shot/5 shots sticky shotgun

Burning Chomper, love that shotgun, it’s awesome on Moze. Also any Hyperion Host shotguns(Shot bounces 3 times, so can easily 1 shot most things if the enviroment is right) are good, except I kill myself to many times with them.


I will see if I can find one!

Can’t remember the name but my lvl 25 Zane has an awesome Maliwan shotgun. Shock/Fire elements, you can hold the charge indefinitely and fire by releasing the trigger.

I took a while to get used ,because most shottys (usually jacobs) are insta-fire.

The beauty around this is, I feel my accuracy is better, because I release only when I have an almost guaranteed hit.

Host and protuberance shotguns, and I happened across a blue Torgue pistol called a carbuncle it’s like a Torgue version of a Maggie with sticky bombs that explode shortly after impact, it puts in work with my blast master Moze.

Any Vladof Double Bezoomy is going to be a fantastic weapon. If you can get it in the element you want and a purple one, even better. One of the best non-uniques in the game.

I am consistently surprised how little I ever see the Vladof alien barreled assault rifles mentioned in the forums. That gun when I am too lazy to pull out gear from a mule, has lasted a character’s entire story line progression. The lowest level one I have used in a play through for 20 some levels was a level 20 corrosive version. Although I prefer the fire version of any rarity when I am trying to find character level equivalent gear. Don’t let the item card’s stats fool you. The splash element of this gun lets you just focus on one thing and later realize everything around you has died in the process.

TL:DR: I often just opt for the shiny legendaries after I hit level 50, but the alien barrel Vladof guns are a beast for clearing story content, and especially the cistern slaughters.

I like using the LoveMachine


Mine would be:

  • Tediore Shotguns (with homing projectiles), Everblasts I think they are called.
  • Bangsticks, Torgue shotties with as many pallets as possible
  • Lumps, rocket launchers that deal insane amounts of damage
  • Host shotguns
  • Protuberance shotguns
  • Some good old fashion Jacobs snipers, Muckamucks and the like
  • Kept some grenades too, but can’t recall the names tbh, still on the hunt for a lingering one, those have to be rare as f***, haven’t seen a single one.
  • Quickies, torgue rocketlaunchers
  • Q-systems, the x2 variants, love them
  • Mashers

Amongst other stuff… I still need to do all the sidemissions at lvl 50, so there are probably a couple of gems in those too, like the Lovemachine mentioned above me.

Pretty much anything from Jakobs and Torgue

That’s the mini gun type, right? I haven’t found a purple one yet, and really haven’t used them much.