What odd playstyle/helix choices do you favor?

Basically at this point, most characters have a fixed thing considered to be “the best”. However I’ve found that I have a handful of characters that I play a certain way that no one else seems to. I should note for my options that I play mostly PvE. A few of my weird selections are below, I was curious if anyone else has oddball things they like to do.

Orendi - I honestly don’t think I could play this character without taking “lets bounce” at this point. It’s the only way that I feel properly aggressive with her, and doing it makes me feel like a chaos pinball. Bonus: you can use it as kind of a super jump to get to some of the double jump places in maps. Probably not great in PVP though.

Toby - Every other toby I run into seems to still take the health regen/attack speed buff for the shield, but I always pick the movement speed bonus. My reasoning is that almost no one stands behind the shield enough to make it a relevant enough source of healing, and attack speed only affects toby’s ability to spam shots, not his recharge. Alternatively the speed buff gives toby a solid escape mechanism and gets your infantry/close ranged people back into the frey quicker. If you place you shield centrally enough in a node and your team knows, then it can allow for very rapid target transitions between those groups as well.