What on earth did Gearbox do to the Super Soldier?

So I don’t think I’ve seen this mentioned around here, but in the last patch that changed Super Soldier shield, I think it was the one that made it less abuseable in terms of invinceability uptime, also majorly bugged the shield. Since that patch if I keep my shield at full for an extended period of time, the bonus fire rate and move speed just randomly go away. Also sometimes happens when warping, getting out of vehicles, don’t know exactly what the trigger is. What I do know is that it’s very frustrating being punished for keeping my shield full. Having those bonuses randomly disappear in the middle of combat for no reason kind of kills the shield for me TBH. Getting really frustrated at Gearbox randomly breaking things in their attempts to fix them.

If anyone has a clearer idea on what exactly they broke with the Super Soldier I’d very much appreciate the info. Apart from that just wanna raise awareness in the vain hope Gearbox actually fixes something. Y’know, maybe after they get to the Expedite bug they introduced however many months ago.


Yeah there’s a few threads and posts on here talking about that, IDK what goes into making gear mechanics work or even making skills work as intended, but it definitely seems like GBX doesn’t quite know either.


Well you got a bunch of people on these forums that claim op gear kills the game so this is what we’re left with. Broken items that kill builds. I compare it to why really stupid laws get passed or rules at company’s get put into action. Too many stupid people doing and saying stupid things. I feel you. I used to like the shield.


I actually completely agree with this sentiment. It’s pretty fallacious to blame Gearbox’s spaghetti code on people who like balance. Nobody asked for the damn thing to randomly stop working periodically.


@Lootfein4sure Well, I would differentiate between gear that is just OP, and gear that is broken. Maybe that’s an artificial distinction perhaps? But to me there is a difference between arguing that “___ damage value is too high” (like as in the Free Radical or Plasma Coil) and “___ gear is not functioning properly.”

In the case of the Super Soldier, the speed and fire rate boosts were stacking infinitely on Moze because of Phalanx Doctrine and/or the Bloodletter, or both. This was in fact broken and there is not really a reason why it should have worked that way. It was intended to have a short immunity and a fire rate bonus limited to whatever it says on the card. But it was basically permanent immunity, unlimited speed, and visual cap fire rate on Moze.

The problem is that the way GBX “fixed” the SS shield basically just made it not very useful at all.

I am not exactly sure what I am saying here. I guess I basically perceived some type of change to the Super Soldier as warranted, but view the “attempted fix” as not being really a “fix” at all. Maybe what I am saying here makes some kind of sense hopefully?


Thing is though is that we have known for 2 years now about the way gearbox works(laughing my tale off) out bugs or “fixes”(laughing again) things. This is what im getting at. I understand complaining about balance but you also have to know who your dealing with. This is modern day gearbox. Dont complain unless you want them to bust items or interactions. I believe the term" let a sleeping dog lie" comes to my mind.


Eh that’s a fair enough take, but a bit too defeatist for me. The way the shield is working now doesn’t feel like it’s intentional, so I’ll at least hold out some hope they might fix it.


I think @alsozara basically made my point in a more concise way. Just because people think gear should be toned down to maintain game balance, doesn’t mean that those same people are advocating for spagett.

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I agree 100%. Reality is defintly different from what we envision when it comes to this game and fixing things in it.

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I know that in BL2, certain shield and health bonuses do not apply while in a vehicle. So it’s not uncommon to see your character below max health/shield on getting out of a vehicle even if the bars were full when you got in. Something similar may be partly at work here. That said:

Does anyone have a list of what all was stacking before the change?

I’m fairly sure that’s not the case here. If you get in a vehicle when your shield is still recharging you’ll actually see the bubble shield appear around your character in the vehicle when you reach full shields, so it still seems to be keeping track of it there. My current working hypothesis is that it just happens after a certain time of being at full shields, regardless of whether you are in a vehicle, on foot, or teleporting.

Phalanx Doctrine made the fire rate and move speed bonuses stack on top of themselves every time a stack of Phalanx Doctrine wore off.

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I’ll add that in the last few days my Super Soldier decided not to regenerate ammo sometimes. Beats me what triggers it - I found that unequipping it and putting it back sometimes helps. :man_shrugging:

Edit: It’s much easier for me to see that regen does not work, compared to movement speed or fire rate - just fire few shots while standing in a quiet corner of the map and see if ammo count starts going up.


That’s the exact thing I’m talking about, I just forgot to mention the ammo regen component. All the bonuses you get from having a full shield seem to just turn off after some time of retaining full shield. Unequipping and reequiping does indeed work but is very annoying to do in the middle of a fight.


Hmm… I wonder if all the effects associated with your character and current gear/equipment have a limited amount of memory to ‘live’ in or a cap on the number of simultaneously active effects, so that the older ones get purged out over time much like bodies, drops, etc? That would explain a number of the “seems to wear off” effects folks have reported previously for different things.

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Interesting theory. Perhaps GBX will eventually realize it as they test their changes… oh wait. They don’t seem to test their changes.

:roll_eyes: I wish they did.


Its this to a tee. As stated many times by others on this forum it seems that the devs lack understanding to interactions on the characters themselves. Its like they dont play the game. Just produce and move on counting on people who do to let them know. Thats kind of gaming in General now. Live service has made these developers lazy. They figure these chumps(me and you) will buy it anyways. We can just fix it later. Im 35 so i remember when these companys had to release great games to get them to sell. It had to be great as is at release or that game was sunk.

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Moze has a passive skill called Phalanx Doctrine.

“Kill Skill. After killing an enemy, Moze gains a stack of Phalanx Doctrine. For every stack of Phalanx Doctrine, Moze’s Maximum Shield and Gun Damage are increased. Each stack lasts 30 seconds.
There is no stack limit.”

I was able to leave Iron Cub at the beginning of a map where it would kill weak enemies and Moze’s speed would get faster and faster as i moved across the map. It would reach ridiculous speeds and empty a gun magazine in the blink of an eye. The effect stopping only when the shield received damage.
It was hilarious running through maps and passing foe spawn points before they spawned.
Video and audio regularly went out of sync with gunfire audio lagging.
Sometimes the pc couldn’t keep up and would crash.
It was great fun while it lasted.


I just took the super soldier for a spin on my sent cryo speed chain zane and was disappointed to say the least. Sure i was wrecking with my seein dead doing +3 violent violence, +26% weapon crit, +64% Hyperion weapon crit. It could have been so much more if my super soldier with +15% movement sent annointed movement speed would have actually given me the super soldier speed boost. Im running all rounder so that shields always up. This redistributer build could be so much more but they had to pull a “gearbox”. This **** is getting old.

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[quote=“alsozara, post:13, topic:4557623”]
Unequipping and reequiping does indeed work but is very annoying to do in the middle of a fight.
[/quote] this doesnt even work for me. Shield is just straight busted. I might as well be wearing a white shield. Lol…what a joke! You know this is reflective on society as well. Somebody says i am going to " fix" something(politicians=gearbox=sjw’s) then they do the opposite. Im not even suprised. At least they are consistently pathetic at what they do.

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Did you unequip, leave the menu, then go back into the menu and reequip? Won’t work if you don’t leave the menu before each step.