What on earth did Gearbox do to the Super Soldier?

35 isn’t that old. I’m 32 myself, and games have been around for quite a bit longer than both of us have been alive.

Plenty of games have released in poor shape, for years. Decades.

You want to know why you don’t think this is the case? Because you just haven’t heard about the bad ones, because they haven’t stood the test of time. It’s a form of survivorship bias.

Am I saying you’re wrong, generally-speaking? No, various companies try and get by with as little QA as possible. It’s a problem with games development in general, because games development is a for-profit business.

But then again, it has been for decades. So this has also been a problem for decades. It’s not a new problem. Tomb Raider III to this day has a fatal save error on PlayStation that was never patched. That’s a well-regarded game that most people know about. Imagine the ones we’ve forgotten :smiley:

I mean, testing this would involve leaving stuff running for a certain amount of time. As bugs go, that’s one that’s very hard to catch with regular test coverage. Across any kind of software.

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Before the patch the super soldier only checked to see if the shield changed value to be at max capacity, whether that was recharging up to full capacity or moze loosing phalanx doctrine stacks while at full capacity meaning she would go from a higher max capacity to a lower one, and the shield on deactivated the effect when you would go below max capacity.

Moze could the stack the effects by loosing phalanx doctrine stacks while at max capacity so it would re-trigger the activation by the value changing to the new max but not trigger the deactivation because she was always at max capacity.

Fl4k and moze could also permanently keep the effect active by using an amp version to reduce the capacity while invincible and then fl4k could use fuzzy math to restore it and moze could use bloodletter and health regen to keep it up which then for both of them would continually bring the shield to max value and re-trigger the incinvibility but this wouldnt build up multiple stacks since the capacity would be decreasing. Personally I feel this is a fair use as its a specific build setup for it to work and its then rewarding you for keeping the shield filled

Gearbox managed to bust the shield by making it work similarly to the stop-gap where if the shield reaches max capacity triggering the effect while the effect is already active it then just deactivates for the time that it would normally be active for, 5 seconds I think, and cant be reactivated till the time is up, meaning you dont want to have the shield constantly drain and refill with an amp version as it’l break the effect and deactivate, and if you use Action Skill Start anointment on the shield you only want to trigger it once the effect is over.

They also nerfed the shield’s move speed, ammo regen and fire rate around when it was released due to moze’s unlimited stacking but havent reverted this change making it was less useful than it was before which sucks as there are ways to use it reasonably well, like a non amp version on fl4k with fuzzy math so that whenever the invincibility deactivates and the shield drops from max capacity fl4k can very quickly fill it back up to max starting the invincibility again and will then remain at max capacity while invincible since they cant be damaged


I laughed hard at that one. You mean the less than 2 min it took me to fire up my chain zane? Lol, sure. 3 years in age gap doesnt seem like much at first glance but i used to play the original mortal kombat on sega genesis when i was 5. So yeah i have seen a lot bud. Not here to argue the point about the devs being lazy because you cant even argue it anyway. Ive seen gaming devolve over all these years. I know what ive experienced.

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Is that the Dev’s fault though or lack of support/toxicity from publishers? We should at least be careful not to assume the developers are just lazy (not pointed at you specifically, it’s a mentality I see a lot around here and fall into myself too at times).

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Who knows? Maybe? In the end nobody will ever know. The game will just not be what it could be due to half assing. Thats the end result of it all.

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Yeah that really is the sad thing about BL3. It’s not that far off being a brilliant game mechanically, and it just makes every issue (there are a lot) that much more glaring. Been playing a lot of the Redux mod and it’s amazing how a lot of smaller changes can add up to a hugely improved experience, while still mostly feeling like the same game.

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Still a great shield but seems like it has to be hit then regenerate to full for the bonuses. Definitely not on all the time.

Defintly not a great shield then because your not being rewarded for keeping your shield up. Thats supposed to be its whole gimmick.lol

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Buddy, I was talking about VaultHunter’s theory. I was, in fact, replying to someone else with that reply.

But you do you. You’ve got your pet theory and apparently contradictory opinions aren’t something you have time for. It’s always funny seeing that :laughing:

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That’s why i suggested a PTR a few times :wink:

Who better to test or try to break things then the people who end up “complaining” about them :sunglasses:

They’re kinda doing it with the new anointment balancing :relaxed: