What opens the door under the bridge?

On the latest DLC we’ve been completing the daily and weekly quests, opening chests, collecting keys, trinkets and eridium. The latest boss wiped the slate with us and we have put that aside for now. It’s the door under the bridge that confused us. My wife went there, the door opened, I went there door is locked. We seem to be doing the same things, so what hoop do I have to jump through before it opens?

Sounds like you’re referring to the Diamond armory room. You need a diamond key to access which you get from opening the vault card chests. They are quite rare (low single digit % chance). If you get one it will show in your inventory where your golden keys and Eridium balance displays

I think you can enter the actual room even without a Diamond key - I just tried and door opens, even when I don’t have diamond key right now. Just can’t ‘open’ shelves with gear.

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Gotcha. In that case im probably not thinking of the same door as OP then.

Ok, I should have been clearer. I was doing it from memory. I can get into the room, I have ten diamond keys, do I use them to open the wall of treasures?
Becasuei don’t remember the wife using one though she did buy that shield from the vault card.

Yes using diamond key In that room activates the wall of treasures. There’s a little pedestal you can interact with to use a diamond key. 10 sounds like a lot given how rare they are. Most of the time you’ll get regular (non-diamond) keys which are used from the vault card screen to unlock vault card rewards or re-roll parts on items you’ve unlocked previously


:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

TEN!? Wowoweewow! What Vault Card level are you at? I’ve heard people who’s vault cards are 50+ but who have only gotten one or two diamond keys.

Are you sure those ten keys aren’t just the regular loot “My Keys”?

Ok confusder and confusder- where do diamond keys come from?
Why would my wife have one and not me?
And are the keys I get from vault cards just for the items on display there?

Here’s the visual difference:

Full details here:

tl;dr diamond keys are a very rare drop from within the VC system while regular keys you should get for each level up.

I think it is not guaranteed - you will get a reward for every VC level, but it could be a cosmetic item from VC, Eridium, regular keys, or a coveted Diamond Key.

I think after 13 VC levels I collected some eridium, ~7 regular keys, 4-5 cosmetic items, and 2 Diamond Keys. Yes, I’m lucky. :slight_smile:


I think you’re right, on reflection. You get the chest, which is what coughs up the loot which can in turn include VC key, Diamond key, gear, cosmetics, etc.

You can also get any legendary as a reward. I think each week there’s a pool of legendaries that can be rewarded from a chest. Last week I got a Lyuda.

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Awesome! Can you get one of the VC guns/shields too, like ‘Bird of Prey’ sniper? They kind of occupy their own row on that card, which might mean they be treated differently…

I think it’s just others . The GB release said when you redeem you can get an item of the week from the loot pool, a cosmetic, eridium or key (diamond or regular). I suppose in theory the VC weapons could be in the weekly loot pool but I doubt it.

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0k, I weirded out here. So sadlyi don’t have any diamond keys. These appear to be regular keys but different from golden keys. Appearance wise they do look similar. So I’m surmised that somewhere along the line, my wife got a diamond :gem: key and I haven’t yet.
Thanks for the help!

Apparently the legendary you can get as a reward is in the same pool as Maurice’s black market machine for that week (I got a Bangarang as a reward the other day.)

Hmmm, do you think I should wait until Maurice’s has something I want if I ever get a diamond key?