What order do you see the games in?

I’m actually curious on how people seethe order of the story.You can count Tales if you want. I say the order is 1, 2, Pre Sequel. While I do know that TPS’s game play takes place between 1 and 2, the story is told after 2.

BL, Pre-Sequel (gameplay/story), BL 2, Tales (up to Ep. 4, I think), Pre-Sequel (narration), Tales (Ep. 5)


What he said. TPS actually takes place between BL & BL 2 (the action) and afterwards (when Athena is telling the story).

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The framing device interrogation takes place almost immediately after tales Ep.3. The first three parts of this takes part some time after bl2. Tales Ep 4 either takes place during the interrogation or some time after, but ep 5 for sure takes place some time after the all of the interrogation events of TPS, as Athena iss no longer in custody. Tales 5 is the most recent state of Borderlands.

I haven’t finished Tales yet so I’m leaving that one out of my list.

For me it goes: BL1, BL2, BL TPS.

I only list TPS last because it’s a retelling and narrative driven story from a character that’s post BL2 main story even though it takes place before then.

BL1, TPS game play, BL2, Tales of the Borderlands, TPS narration, Tales of the Borderlands.

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BL1 -> BL: TP-S! -> BL2 -> TftBL -> BL3?