What pack contains shards per second gear?

what pack contains shards per second gear? I cant seem to get any at all and fighting for shards takes me outta lane to much.

Pretty sure the contents are randomly generated when you open the pack. I get quite a few just playing normal story, so I haven’t bothered buying packs.

As Vaulthunter101 stated, they drop rather random from any pack. Also you get them quiet often during PvE missions :slight_smile:

Rather buy white&green packs if you buy packs for it, since a shardcollector is best as white gear without shard-costs. So you can generate shards from the start. But greens are nice too, they have interesting 2nd effects sometimes.

There is a better chance of getting them from Jennerit and Rogue packs than from the others.

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Yup, in PvE I get them almost every game.
I have a huge collection now, some activate for free.

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Oh thats great to know! Have not bought enough packs yet to recognize that^^

Taken from there, Rogue packs seem to favor Shard/sec gear over the other factions.