What Perks do Hedronic Amplifier have?

I’m working on something and I can’t find this information anywhere I’ve tried Battleborn wiki and nothing!
Any help would be massively appreciated :slight_smile:

I’m also looking for Isic’s Defencuve Reasoner.

Klesse’s Energetic Refractor.

And Whiskey Foxtrots Glahadric Gun Grease.

If you have a a photo of any of these that would be amazing!! :smiley:

It boosts attack damage skill damage and the effect is slows eneimes hit with hedronic arc.
Its about 8.5 percent attack damage
3.5 skill damage i will post a picture of it later on if no one else does i cant right now

Thats awesome, Thanks! I don’t think hardly anyone’s conpleted the attikus lore challenges yet so the picture would be awesome! :smiley:

image there you go.
I know lot of people say they cant do the crit one I didn’t have a problem doing it.

Not sure how high the numbers go. Mine is 9.6% and 4.11% respectively. Wish it also said “slow” for how much and for how long.

This is awesome thank a lot! :smiley:

O what they really should have legendaries set or let the cost vary depending on the gear like all the other gear does and i would think 3 second that tends to be how long most slows last will do some testing though.

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Thank you! :smiley:

Whiskey Foxtrots (Its Amzing BTW, paired with a recoil reducer)

It really is, thanks so much! The only one I need now is Isic :smiley:

There you go.