What play bonuses does TVHM really offer?

I’m confused as to the exact benefits of TVHM; the game says better loot drops, tougher enemies, etc. but it seems that TVHM Mayhem 3 doesn’t really play any differently from Normal Mayhem 3.

Has there been any confirmation besides replayability as to what TVHM offers?

Aye, I leveled early through Slaughters, and TVHM was barely different from Normal. I think primarily enemy variety, and theoretically better loot

Would be nice to have some sort of confirmation or comment from Gearbox on this.

A definitive difference is that the elements you use matter in TVHM.

yeah, i’m clueless aswell. maybe badasses and annoited spawn more frequently but i honestly don’t see a difference there either.

i read somewhere that TVHM have exclusive drops but i don’t know if that’s true or not, i’ve not noticed anything, ofcourse hard to tell when the game is so new.

Yes, the elements on your weapons become much stronger / weaker against different defenses. There’s a handy chart that was on the Reddit a while back, and if the behavior is largely the same as for previous games in the series it can probably be looked up

I haven’t been able to tell any difference between Normal and TVHM. I posted this in another thread that isn’t getting much traction:

… I just beat the game on TVHM Mayhem 3 and decided to do some Graveward farming. I noticed the experience of 36,300K seemed very familiar. I switched to normal M3 and got the same exact experience!

I thought the Mayhem would give you more bonuses in TVHM as well.

This is what I assumed would be about what the droprate and experience bonuses would be from lowest to highest

  1. Normal
  2. Normal Mayhem 1 / TVHM
  3. Normal Mayhem 2 / TVHM Mayhem 1
  4. Normal Mayhem 3 / TVHM Mayhem 2
  5. TVHM Mayhem 3

From what I can tell there is no difference between Normal and TVHM and Mayhem modifiers.

I will add, it is weird that the Mayhem difficulties are already unlocked when you move to TVHM. From that other thread, its reported consoles aren’t like this.

There is also a quest that introduces you to the Mayhem modes after beating the campaign. It has you select Mayhem 1. Since I was already on Mayhem 3 I had to change it to Mayhem 1 and then back again. I feel this would have definitely “reset” any issues to ensure my Mayhem mode was correct. My xp test was after this as well.

If you play regular mode with no mahem then go to tvhm there is a big differace. I did it. Theres more badass type enemys, gameplay is slightly more difficult and purples and blues are much more common. I havent noticed a diferance in legendays. So far same amount as rvhm

You still get bonuses in Normal, just not as heavy. But conversely, you don’t get penalized nearly as badly for using the wrong element in normal.

It allows me to play this game and have fun with not having to screw around with the overly annoying mayhem 3 modifiers so I don’t have to always look at the map to see if I need to reload. I play TVHM with mayhem 1 where I fight a higher amount of badasses and anointed enemies (anointed on this level are much more enjoyable than on mayhem 3). I suppose on normal maps there aren’t as many legendaries, but when I do the circle of slaughter on this level, legendaries still drop like candy.

The drop rates are the same, but since there are more badasses, you get more loot, due to badasses having a higher chance of dropping good stuff than a normal psycho.