What purpose is there to make spawns rare?

All this mechanic does is waste the player’s time to quit and reload over and over. Just make the spawns spawn every instance. There’s far too much required quitting and restarting for a multiplayer game.


I don’t like it either. At the very least, chances should increase exponentially in multiplayer or in mayhem/tvhm.

Band of Sitorak (spelling?) is not going to be a fun farm for me, but I’m very curious whether it will be more effective for my build.

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im sorta confused too. i know why they would do it in say, world of warcraft, but i already paid for this game. im not entirely sure why they need to take up our time when its not a subscription model. maybe to try and make sure we are around to buy dlcs? although alot of people play through, leave, and play again when its new dlcs. intrested to see some thoughts

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Yeah I think it would be better to hide them in hidden far corners of the map or make you solve a puzzle but the spawn should be 100%.


Because they want us to suffer /s
But really, hard agree. Especially since whatever rare spawn you’re farming probably won’t spawn but a few times, and has a low chance of dropping the weapon, shield, etc. that you want.

I farmed Urist last Friday I think, and could only get Urist to spawn three times in 2 hours. After that I tried 10+ times to get him to respawn, but I gave up after a while. IIRC didn’t they just buff the rare spawn spawn rate and drops? It sure doesn’t feel like it…


I think it goes along with the same strategy as making loot drops so low that people always complain about them… that is, they make it artificially difficult (or more time consuming) to obtain items and therefore artificially extend the life of the game, or, at least the number of people still playing (trying to get those “rare” items) so that they can sell more DLC’s. The more people still playing, the more they sell.

kind of like the entire game WOOPS DID I JUST SAY THAT OUT LOUD?!