What quests to save for end of UVHM

I played a ton of BL2, but really just got into TPS recently. I know there’s several easter egg items like (Excalisbastard) and MORQ you can only get once as well as some quests that give a level scaled item when you complete them and can never be done again. Is there a list anywhere of these 1 time pickup items and quests which drop NICE one time only items so I know what to skip and what to do as well as where to go at 70 to get some nice items right off the bat. I figured it would already be a post, but couldn’t find it, Thanks so much!!!

Red, Then Dead and In Perfect Hibernation both have excellent rewards. Torgue-O, Torgue-O, Torgue-O! also has a really good reward (Torguemada). You can get the Shield of Ages in the claptrap DLC, and is preferred on characters who have %-based shield regen. That’s everything off the top of my head.

Thanks for your help I play jack so % based shields make a big difference with winning. I was thinking there were even more quests than that. 3 Quick questions and I can start enjoying farming at 70…

  1. Any other quests you can think of to save?
  2. Any other items like excalibastard and MORQ you can only get once and should be 70 to retrieve?
  3. I finished TVHM at 53 and did a bit of UVHM to 55 before resetting, but I gave up like a baby and am doing just the first mission from 55-70 non-stop. This obviously gives me terrible gear at 70 is there a best way to get decent quickly so I can farm endgame items??? I have 100 gold keys I thought that might be my best bet. What should I be looking for to survive at 70 I know it’s a whole different game.


so are you level 70 yet? There’s two other weapon rewards like the MORQ and Excalibastard, both are in the Claptastic Voyage. First, in the subconcious as you are making your way to EOS. Just as you get to the part with all the glitches and the upside down staircase. In that room there should be a long hallway that will take you to an optional mission where there is a Jack in the box. This mission is for Tiki Baha. Once you complete it, make sure to loot the chest in his shed. You will get the glitched SMG Cutie Killer. You can only get it once per toon.

second, in Overlook, go all the way to the left of the level. Before you jump over to the last island. Look below the edge and there should be a ledge to drop down onto. Once you’re on the ledge look to your left and you should see a chest tucked away on another ledge. In it is a glitched corrosive Laser the heartful splodger. You can only get it once. However, it’s timed with opening the chest with the MORQ shield in the Nexus. If you already got the MORq shield and did not go to get the splodger within 10-15 minutes, it won’t be there. you have to get both within 10-15 minutes of each other

That’s incorrect. I’ve gotten the MORQ and Splodger days apart.

from their respective chests? You can get the MORQ from the grinder but not the Splodger.

Yep. Both from their chests.

interesting. word on the street this whole time is that it was timed.