What relic for dpuh?

So I was wondering which relic would dps-wise be the best for dpuh (on zer0), the sheriffs badge or explosive elemental?

Depends on your build and com.

A monk com increasing fire rate and two fnag I would go explosive

Legendary killer/hunter I would go badge.

It’s still a rogue on zero, Derch :smile: com is a blue stalker, though.


Explosive or Sheriff’s badge?

Sbadge, no real contest in my mind

Even with a chaotic rogue, it would not be enough to break two-fangs on a DP Harold. (unless you have a Vladof grip on it, 5/5 fearless and a RR to keep it active…maybe)

On second thought zer0’s burst dps with a haroldis already so high you might be better off with a relic not based around the dpuh. Coolsown, stockpile, maybe even Torgue allegiance

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Thanks for the help. Think I’m going to go with the badge, I haven’t had any problems with cooldown and relying on weighted drops has worked thus far.

A Blood of the Ancients is another one you could keep on your inventory for extra ammo and health.

Nonononono. Not with zer0. He relies on health gating, and blood makes it that much more difficult.

The Explosive Relic isn’t better ?
I mean, it’s a multiplicative bonus, increasing Base Damage (witch increase one time Splash Damage) and Splash damage itself too. (am I right reasoning this way ???)
Increasing damage/ammo rate.

SBadge will waste your ammo pool so damn fast … :sweat:

A fire rate boost is also functionally a multiplicative damage boost, and the Sbadge offers not only a bigger boost (50+% vs 39% or so) but it also offers an ADDITIVE 20+% bonus on top.

Sure it consumes more ammo. If ammo is really a concern, the explosive relic might be better… But if you have ammo issues, you shouldn’t be using a DP Harold in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

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You are reading that wrong

The way the explosive relic works is it does help both splash and base damage but it comes after both of them.

Base damage is 100

(100 x (1 + additive skills) x ( crits if you crit) + (splash damage) ) x explosive relic

So the relic hits all of that damage combined. It doesn’t increase the base, which increases the splash which gets hit again by the relic. It just comes at the end and hits all of it once.


Thank you Derch ! ^^
It’s way more clear for me now !! :smile:

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I personally find heathgating outside of raids to be fairly overrated, at least I don’t remember having much problems getting past healthgate with moxxi’s guns at uvhm.

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If it fits your playstyle, roll with it. More power to you