What relic should I use for the pimpernel/Ahab combo?

  • launcher damage or + sniper damage?

i’d be using a derp Duuurp! (Bandit Exhaust, Torgue Grip) instead of an Ahab, with a True Neutral Monk COM and FttB you can get the magazine size up to 12, which is the magic number for achieving the maximum Money Shot bonus.

It doesn’t matter, it’s the most overpowered easy to use combo in the game and will absolutely wreck anything you come across. The little bit you get from the relic doesn’t add much on top of the broken mess. I would guess launcher damage would matter more because the combo fools the game into thinking the Pimp’s orbs are launcher shots.

Explosive damage relic?

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Yeah I agree with explosive relic. Ain’t the projectiles classed as explosive regardless of the element type? What I was made to belive? Could be wrong😀

The orbs are explosive but the main projectile is whatever element the pimp is. I always use the slag version.

That’s because it’s the only logical choice for this combo. Main pellet slag, splash and other pellets do Explosive.