What Rewards Have Vault Hunters Redeemed Their Points For?

I rolled the randomizer and got a Torrent SMG for Athena, bought a Norfleet Rocket Launcher for Gaige, and I just got an Ol’Painful AR and Absolute Zero laser for Athena. I’m half way to my BL3 weapon and still have 3950 points going into season 2 of VIP. What did you spend your points on so far?


nothing. I am saving it for B3. the rewards are 4k each and I only have 12k.


Rolled a norfleet, bought a norfleet, and bought one of the cell phone wallpapers.

I first bought an Absolute Zero for my Athena, then discovered the roll (I truly am an idiot), obviously (!) rolled an Absolute Zero which I gave to my Fragtrap, then bought a Norfleet and then the Moze head as I found that thing to be badass and wanted it from the start. Now I have 5150 points (4500 points from random people that joined the VIP program via my link that I left in Facebook groups, I have no Borderlands-playing friends anymore) and I’m basically waiting for season 2 and new activities/rewards.

Rolled a Lyuda, bought a Norfleet and an Absolute Zero

Rolled a torrent, gave it to Athena and of course it was a non-elemental :joy:.

Considering buying an AbZero. But gonna see what s2 brings


Saving it for the FL4K head and skin whenever they get released, other than that idk what I’ll buy but I might work towards the exclusive Maliwan legendary if it interests me enough


Rolled a Lyuda, bought… another Lyuda. I like Lyudas.

Also bought a level 1 Norfleet because I’m way too entertained by having a level 1 Norfleet. :smiley:


LOL only in Borderlands. I love this game!


I only grabbed the free roll. Based on the points I have, I found everything to be overpriced.

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Me too!:+1:

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I would agree that the point cost is excessive, but it is a marketing ploy to keep us interested in the game.

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Waiting to buy everything Fl4k related, so I’m stacking them points. Gimme all the Fl4k heads/skins, Weapons, etc.


so far i got a free norfleet and im saving up until closer to release date i have trouble with the friend thing dont have anyone to share to but i have 14500 so far i thing i should make it to the legendary gun

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flax looks really cool but i think im trying moze for my first


I’ve only done the free roll so far, too (and got Ol’ Painful). I like the skins but I’m undecided on which character I’m really going to dump my time into so I hope they’re still available after release.

Just saving the points for now and will probably try for the Maliwan legendary if I have enough total points to fill up the non-free slots for it eventually.

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My 1 free roll got me Ol’Painful for TPS… I still haven’t claimed it, sadly.

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So the BL3 heads/skins won’t be VIP program exclusives (similar to Pandoran Legend skins in BL2)? If they are, everything else seems way overpriced

Got Ol’painfull for the TPS got 39 Lyudia and Norfleet and a 8 Lyudia, I think I need one more reward and the last 2 season free rolls to get the BL3 reward.