What room decorations you'd like to see

So @Jordangold527 cosmetic thread got me thinking, what kind of room decorations would you like to see?

For those of you who don’t know. Borderlands 3 will feature unique player quarters for every single Vaulthunter that you can decorate with various items. They can drop from enemies just like skins or can be bought at Crazy Earls Veteran Rewards.

Personally I would like somekind of little zen garden/ fountain for Amara.

For FL4K it would be cool if there was somekind of little play area for the pets. A carpet with interactable chewing toys or something.

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Errrrr ummmmm Moxxi wallpaper … Don’t judge! :wink:

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@tony123bologna https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1izklJn_TBo :wink:

on one side, sexy moxxi pics. on the other, sexy claptrap pics.

in FL4Ks case, pictures of my pets.

sponsored items. or prizes you get when you kill unique enemies. like a head trophy, unique body piece.

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So much YEAS! I would adore their room having a place for each of their pets. Maybe even a little mechanic/weapon table? Trophies (obviously), but trophies of non-beast type enemies. Having a psycho head on a plaque with a funny name would be (morbit) kinda chuckle-worthy.

For Amara I’d like a shrine or two. Beanbag chairs. A rack of sunglasses (because why not?) Some workout equipment, maybe? OH! A wall spread of Athenas in a traditional Indian art style. Vibrant colors and elegant motion. Would spice and liven up her room a bit. In the tour it looked pretty dark.

Moze? Workbench Bear, and a solitaire table are a must for me. I’d like to see so cute plushies. A juxtaposition between the badass soldier and her desire to leave that harsh world behind, perhaps?

Not sure about Zane. I think a dart board would be cool. A coat rack with a leather jacket. I would find that both cool and funny.

I’d like each of them to have a radio or even a Jukebox with music specific to that character.

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