What’s Glamour actually supposed to do?

A while ago they “Addressed a reported concern that the Siren’s Glamour Glamour skill would cause confused enemies to become immune and change allegiance”, which didn’t change anything as far as I know.

Now with a latest hot patch they contradicted that ‘change’ with this: “Addressed an issue with Amara the Siren’s Glamour sometimes not respecting the enemy’s allegiance in the campaign add-on Bounty of Blood”

So what’s their actual intention with this augment? Are you supposed to be able to damage confused enemies or not? I’m pretty sure everyone considers it useless the way it is right now, as I almost never see it talked about. I loved Thoughtlock for Maya, it’s disappointing to see Amara’s version of it be pretty useless and counterintuitive.

I really hope they’ll fix it so that we’ll be able to damage confused enemies and for them to damage eachother. Is there anyone who actually prefers this over it’s first iteration?

I have honestly no idea what the heck those patch notes mean. Only thing I know is that infighting between enemies fell flat with mayhem to the point that it even negates Goliath level up mechanics. So all control mechanism should allow enemies to be hurt or /and scale damage dealt by controlled enemies

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