What’s the best build/weapons for moze to use against Graveward?

Trying to farm up some xp but while the build I’m using absolutely destroys everything it’s not good against Graveward so I need to figure something else out that’s efficient

I hear theres a ok maggie build not sure tho i havent touch this trash since the last subtle nerf to moze with the flakker bs

Everything that was nerfed is the best loadout.

Probably still the same as previously. Fire Lyuda (if you are not max level yet I don’t recommend getting the guaranteed one from the Targets of opportunity though), elemental Projector artifact and a sellout pistol or low level fire fastball to light yourself on fire. It’s obviously not gonna be quite as strong anymore since the max bonus on the elemental Projector effect was halfed and the Lyuda’s critical damage was nerfed but it should still just shred Graveward.
Just drop into the arena, light yourself on fire and when Graveward tilts the arena, do a little bunny hopping to prevent yourself from falling off the map whilst unloading into Gravewards central crit spot.
As for a build, just anything that’ll give you extra damage or mag size or reduce ammo consumption will work.

It wasn’t halved. The original only gave 113. The 183 was a visual glitch.

Fair enough. Just means the nerf wasn’t as severe as previously thought.