What’s The Real Money Cap?

It caps at 99,999,999 and you can collect more beyond that (buying stuff and still having max cash) Any Devs know the limit until it doesn’t register any more. Tysm. :fist:

What is GP? Looks like you talking about cash. Glitching Queen cover this in her video (I don’t have the link) but I forgot what’s the limit but I think going over the max limit will result in cash going loop back to the beginning. That includes resetting all that cash away

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It rolls over around 2.5 billion or so. It’ll take you back to zero if you hit it.

Edit: You can use the preditory lending to see how much cash you actually have.


I dont recall the games having a cap tbh in the past either. It was just a limit to digits in the display that would stop you from being able to see exactly how much you actually have once the number got big enough. Though you could calculate it if you wanted to by committing suicide in game based on how much the respawn cost.

Borderlands 1 and 3 have a $2,147,483,648 money cap, though earning money beyond that threshold can actually cause problems (like the loss of the entire money sum).

Borderlands 2 and TPS have a $99,999,999 money cap, and there’s no consequence to picking up money beyond that point.

If you don’t have a pred lending handy could also use the machine to see the re-spec fee and multiply that figure x10

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