What’s up with the season pass

I have the season pass but it’s trying to make me pay for the newest DLC, Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck. I restarted my Xbox after the update to see if it changed but it didn’t, and when I go onto the season pass, it says nothing about that DLC being even included. So I’m super confused and don’t really know what to do

It’s a bug, they said on twitter it should be sorted in the next 30min.

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■■■■ dam really thank god, I was mad confused Alr thank u for the info

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Not sure how it works on other platforms except for PS4, but you would have to go to the online store and download it. It should be free if you have the season pass.

if you use the go to store option in the game’s main menu, you can install from there. that worked for me

On Xbox I generally go into the game’s download options and it installs from there along with the patch. Should be fixed soon if it isn’t already.