What’s Up with the Thump Thump Sound on AS?

So came back to Amara to run the Takedown after playing Moze for a while. Whenever her AS (phasegrasp) is triggered the sound bugs out with a constant thump thump thump w/ heavy vibration. Never had this happen previously so was wondering if it’s a bug from the latest hotfix. It’s totally distracting. Surely it’s not intentional. Anyone else having this happen?

It’s due to Spiritual Driver COM and shield/grenade with ASE 50% Elemental Damage.

Yep. That’s my setup. It’s totally bonkers. Thanks for the heads up though.

That’s why i stopped playing amara. She’s fun and op as hell but these overlapping sounds are too annoying.

Self DOTing yourself with an Immunity up is just… ooooow. I use Shock, Corrosive ASEs with Cryo, and Radiation weapons and fire Infusion. If my Splash damage hits me I mute my TV.

It’s kind of like the problem with Terror Builds. It’s fine for a while but then you try to do the Handsome Jackpot for the first time and can’t hear a word anyone is saying while your Terrified.

I think they just need to adjust the audio layering so those sounds are less abrasive. Same way they had to tweak the sounds players and enemies made when getting DoTed in the first place.

Was this just because of fakecasting?
Even with driver using her the way she was intended doesn’t get dull and you can still get gimmicky.