What’s your fave NPC lines? [spoilers obv]

One thing I’ve always loved about the series is the humour. I’m absolutely loving some of the lines I’m gearing NPCs come out with. I think one of the best ones I’ve cracked up at so far is-

Ellie to Moxxi: Stop thirsting after our vault hunter ma!

Drop your fave lines below!

Edit: please use spoiler tags if it’s storyline related or gives anything away


There’s an echo recording high-up in Sanc. III where Moze is told where she’s next getting deployed.

I find the strength of her reaction very satisfying, I’ve gone back and listened to the log a few times already.


Tanis: “As said by the nihilist on his deathbed ‘here goes nothing!’”


Moxxi - “Shoot him in the dick!”


Psyco final words. “Tell my children, I wish they were born…”


I am the coffee commander.


“There’s a code written on this fish”
code doesn’t work
“It was a red herring.”
Ba dum-tsh.


We made them angry / Prepare for counterattack / Maliwan dickheads


Pretty much every line from “pappy”, during the side quest, “The Feeble and The Furious”. I had to stop playing a few times, due to laughing so hard. :rofl:

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“Electricity is like a wild stallion: you can’t piss on it while it’s running.”


Comment in regards to your first time meeting Tina: “She is nuttier than Squirrel ■■■■”

I want a T-Shirt with a picture of Tina on the front, with that quote in huge font on the back.


I’m still a little high from a power trip I got while tearing through a Circle of Slaughter with Amara.

“That’s so goddamn sublime!” -Amara

And also “She’s unstoppable!” or something like that, I wasn’t really listening at the time - some soon to be dead bandit.

Moze to Maya on Athenas: “Maliwan are just a bunch of teched out nerds. Let’s kick 'em in the dick” Might not be the exact quote, but it was something like that.

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just a friendly reminder to please use spoiler tags when mentioning storyline stuff please fam :slight_smile: thanks!

We’re on the blood path now…


God That creep me out < We are on the blood path now… in a singing voice >

My favorite is when Moze says her name to Balex : My name is Moserah Hayussinian Yan-Lun al-Amir Andreyevna , but you can call me Moze

The other is first time they use the drop pod and someone ask Moze is she alright. “I think I just vomit my skeleton” or something like that

“SHOOT ME IN THE FACE!” This will never not be the greatest moment in Borderlands history.


Too soon…

As for my favorite lines? Almost anything by Balex:

“Almost there. But I’m kinda in the middle of somethin’. And that somethin’ is a big ■■■■■■’ dinosaur! Heads up!”
“Navigated, bitches!”
“I can do more than navigate! Vault Hunter, go through the medical bay!”
“Ah crap. I navigated again. Stupid!”
“Shut up, bitch! You shoved me in teddy bear!”
“Hah! I shoved her ass in a hard drive and ejected the bitch! Pick her up, Vault Hunter.”
“Weather Report. Cold as hell. What did you expect? It’s space outside, bitches.”
“We’re in space, bitches. Don’t do nothing stupid.”


My ass is full of stars.

Claptrap plugging the command deck window leak.

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“It was never gonna work GenIVIV. We’re from two different manufacturers.”