What’s your Favourite Borderlands 3 DLC?

Seems like all the hype from all of the DLC’s is gone so let me just say personally the Kreig DLC was the worst imo and was lacking a lot of replay content I’m used to from past DLC’s.

Being the last DLC from (season pass one) and giving us a loot room was sweet! But with 0 new rarity to go along with it the only reason you would farm the room is for world drops… what a waste of time and effort.

What’s was your favourite DLC? /Why, & do you still play it at all.

  • Handsome Jackpot
  • Guns, Love & Tentacles
  • Bounty of Blood
  • Psycho Krieg & The Fantastic Fuscluck
  • Arms Race / 4th Skill Tree
  • Raid boss/ Murder Mystery

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i voted for jackpot only cause zombie island of dr ned wasnt there

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Guns, Love & Tentacles. I’m a sucker for Lovecraftian vibes, and Mancubus was a perfect NPC.

I quite liked the others (even the Murder Mystery stuff was good, despite being a far smaller scale). I wouldn’t be able to rate them. Handsome Jackpot was great fun, but I love Bounty of Blood more for farming / looking around (I really like how Gehenna was brought to life).

The Fustercluck was something I loved the idea of the most, but honestly I thought it could’ve benefitted from being shorter; tighter. Less traversal considering the limited transportation options.


This is why it got my vote. Enjoyment-wise, the Handsome Jackpot and Bounty of Blood are right there with it.

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Guns, Love & Tentacles > Handsome Jackpot > Bounty of Blood > Fantastic Fustercluck > Director’s Cut (Ava’s murder mysteries) > Designer’s Cut.

Season Pass 1 was overall really good, but I think DLC2 was overall the best in terms of quality. DLC1 is a pretty close second, but I feel like a lot of the weapons felt behind in terms of meta and Seein Dead is not even the top tier COM for Zane in terms of Damage anymore. DLC3 character’s cast was alright (Rose was a solid villain) but the loot in this DLC is top tier and makes up for it in spades. DLC4’s had the best narrative and best music (alongside DLC1) in the entire game, but it felt a bit too short and farming is actually a bit painful here compared to other DLCs.

Season Pass 2 is (DLC5/DLC6) okay/decent content, both DLCs bring cool stuff into the table(4th skill trees, new game mode, improved battle passes format with Vault Cards, Endgame story and challenge) but they have harsh flaws and could’ve been 10 bucks each, with Season Pass 2 being 20 dollars in total.

Overall, if I had to rank them alongside the rest of the franchise it would be something like this:

S Tier - Amazing
Tiny’s Tina Assault On Dragon’s Keep
Claptastic Voyage

A Tier - Great
Guns, Love & Tentacles
Handsome Jackpot
Bounty of Blood

B Tier - Good
Fantastic Fustercluck
Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage
The Armory of General Knoxx

C Tier - Decent
Director’s Cut
Designer’s Cut
Scarlet’s Pirate Booty
Fight for Sanctuary

D Tier - Subpar/Unremarkable
Doctor’s Ned Zombie Island
Claptrap’s Robot Revolution
BL2’s Headhunters

E Tier - Awful
Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt
Mad Moxxi’s Underdome

Not DLCs, but I would put BL3’s updates such as Maliwan Takedown on S tier, Revenge of the Cartels on A tier, Guardian Takedown & Bloody Harvest on C tier, Broken Hearts on D tier


Probably an even split between the first three DLCs. I really don’t have a favourite between them - I like them all for slightly different reasons.


Guns love and tentacles because H P Lovecraft


The “Guns, Love, & Tentacles” I really enjoyed, as when I was a young adolescent I “discovered” H.P.Lovecraft, and THAT DLC is just full of lovecraftian influence.

{{Yeah, I read Lovecraft, this does NOT make me a creepy man, just a man who has always liked to read things that no one else would}}

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My favorite BL3 DLC is the first one, The Handsome Jackpot. I thought the writing was solid, the story and plot tight, the characters enjoyable, the environments interesting and fun, the loot reasonable, the jokes amusing and of course, anything with Handsome Jack is usually going to be good at worst. I will still play The Handsome Jackpot whenever I deign to play BL3… which is rarely if ever nowadays due to a plethora of other reasons.

Overall thoughts on all the DLC’s and related topics were covered in a previous post in another thread back in April of this year. I would say that not much has changed. I never finished DLC3, played DLC4 or picked up DLC5 or 6 and do not intend to at this time.

i have to say if vanilla jackpot did not have the softest scaling (weak enemies) it has by far my favorite mobbing areas bosses are all decent side quests are wholesome. the drops it came with were really nice before m2.0 buffs only bad thing in that dlc was autoaime basically. the music thea esthetics the enemies everything was good. just ■■■■■■■ autoaime sniper and the damn robots dying way too easily.

If I had to rank them all best to worst I’d say

  1. Handsome Jackpot - (DLC 1 - 8.75/10)
  2. Guns Love Tentacles - (DLC 2 - 8/10)
  3. Bounty of Blood - (DLC 3 - 7.75/10)
  4. Avas Murder Mystery - (DLC 6 - 6.25/10)
  5. Fantastic Fustercluck - (DLC 4 - 5/10)
  6. Arms Race + 4th Skill Trees - (DLC 5 - 4.5/10)

I’d say the content took a steep decline after DLC 3 and none of the DLC’s were elite enough to be considered S tier content due to the lack of endgame challenges (raid bosses, slaughters etc.). But, all in all the game definitely finished with lots of fun repeatable story content which is much more enjoyable to play through over the main story. To bad we can’t reset individual DLCs though.

Don’t want to turn this into an HP Lovecraft BUT most modern horror authors were highly influenced by Lovecraft including Stephen KIng