What shield do you run and why?

I run the transformer for takedown. I have a stop gap but it doesn’t have elemental annoint. Curious as to what’s more important for most of you. Having thr better shield, or having that elemental ase for nade and shield

With moze I run big boom blaster’s. with Amara I run transformer, Zane is a mix but right now it’s a one shotter. And flak I also mix it up but usually stop gap. And I always have a double downer with me as well.

i would say transformer is always a good option

but i like the recharger and the stopgap too

and annointment > shieldtype

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Transformer is definitely a safe option. I want to run a stop gap on my Zane because there are huge capacity ones and clone swap negates the long recharge delay, but I need to find one with sntnl annoint and stupid El dragon is dropping literally nothing (not even a white item) for me

I’m tending to use Transformers. It was funny however, when a TF dropped for my FL4K with “bonus fire damage ASE” on it. One of those, “something I do want, but wasn’t actively looking/trading for” drops.

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Transformer. It’s not even anointed (haven’t found one yet) but it’s still arguably one of the best defensive shields in the game. Very high capacity, 40% bullet absorb chance and shock as the greatest weakness of any shield being turned into a strength for me is just too good to pass it off.

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I have a sntnl transformer at 53 so running that for now, but the aim is stop gap with +25% capacity sntnl annoint, with the 30% shield skill boost with Zane I’ll be a tank lol.

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Big Boom Blaster is lots of fun, as my low level Amara recently discovered. You just keep chucking grenades at enemies - helped me to find out few cool grenade mods that way too.

I mix it up every now and then, but I like the Big Boom Blaster, Tranformer, and Re-charger. Sometimes the Red Suit and Stop Gap. I want to try a Band of Sitorak if I ever get an annointed one.

Bloodletter/deathless Moze I use transformer, turns only weakness into a strength.

TTB/elemental Amara I use stopgap. She is a little soft, that immunity stage saves me quite often. Add on last stand Otto idol for mobbing, elemental projector for bossing.

Other than those, I am still playing around with a lot of sheilds. So I would say sheild over anoint for those, anoint over sheild when I am just trying new things out.

Transformer is a typical choice for me. My Zane is using a Rough Rider. A number of my characters are just using whatever purple shield was handy - on rare occasions chosen for the Anointment.

Big Boom Blaster for Moze, Transformer for Amara, but I am going to experiment with an annointed Roughrider. Zane and FL4AK use the “leftovers”. When I have all the necessary gear I will try a low level Stop Gap build with Moze.

Protean Stop gap on my amara because I like the large capacity, damage reduction and invincibility on break. Im impartial to the Transformer as well but it is to situational for my liking…

Double Downer from the DLC because when you are down you have 2x FYFL with extra dmg and accuracy.

Transformer is my backup if I see too many shock enemies.

Zane: Improved Re-Router with bonus Cryo ASE
Amara: Roid Rough Rider
Moze: Stop Gap with bonus Corrosion ASE
Fl4k: Transformer with bonus Incendiary ASE

W/Zane Band if I run Barrier to keep CCC up, w/o either Rico or Backham to negate damage.

Fl4k is Double Downer ASE since he moves so slow.

I only really play Zane but it depends on build.

  • I use the One Shotter shield (Purple with triple AMP) with slow high damage weapons such as Rocket Launchers and Jakobs shotguns. Also great for bossing.
  • I use the Red Suit if I’m playing with a wacky Radiation splash build.
  • The Transformer is a great in shield general which works work most builds.

I want to try a Re-Charge Berner build soon but I don’t expect anything crazy from it.

usually front loader or transformer. large capacity with phalanx doctrine is pretty good for mobbing

I run a Re-charger with the 75% health and shields Moze annoint. It allows me to have some form of sustain without speccing into Vampyr. Without the annoint active the capacity is effectively 22k with some investment in SoR, allowing my Bottomless Mags build to work.

  • On my Zanes, mostly Stop Gaps, but my boss killing zane uses a Band of Sithorak. All of them with 15% movement speed annoint.
  • On my Amaras, mostly Rechargers or Stop Gaps. All elemental annoints. I have a back up Transformer for when needed.
  • On my Moze’s, mostly Frontloaders with the 75% health and shield annoint. I get massive shield values with those shields.
  • On my Fl4k, I think I use a Transformer, but it’s been a while since I played him tbh.

Still looking for some good Zane annointed Rough Riders, but no luck so far. Big Boom Blasters, I have not tested yet.