What ship are you most excited to see "Remastered"?

With the impending release of the Homeworld Remastered Collection coming out soon. What ships are you looking forward to seeing in their new high resolution forms in Homeworld 1 and/or Homeworld 2?

We’ve seen quite a lot of the Homeworld 2 ships and only a few peeks at the original Homeworld 1 fleet and so far I have been impressed. I am most looking forward to seeing the frigates-class vessels and the carrier from Homeworld 1. I loved the look and feel of them quite a bit so I’m really curious to see how well the upgrade and new coat of paint has made them look, especially on the Assault Frigates as they were the staple of any fleet engagement in HW1.

As for Homeworld 2, I have yet to see any mention of a certain mythic frigate-class vessel widely known over at Relicnews. I am of course talking about none other than the mythical GTVS Vaygr frigate.

For those unfamiliar: http://shipyards.relicnews.com/hw2/goat_thrower.htm


“Unfortunately, the Goat Thrower appears to have been removed from the final release of the game. It may be that with the removal of Transport Frigates, proper Goat munitions could not be kept at acceptable levels.”

As for myself, I want to see the remastered Progenitor stuff. And the ghost ship from HW1.

Multibeam frigate. As someone who has spent close to a decade thinking on and off about how I’d visually update HW1 ships, I end up with pretty particular desires that are hard for anyone to meet. The screenshots we’ve seen have been pretty hit and miss for me as a result. But every frame of kadeshi ships so far has been beautiful, and I hope the MBF lives up to that.

The wreck of the Khar-Selim and the Turanic Raider fleet (Fighters, Corvettes, Ion Array Frigates, and Carriers).

Mission 2 has been one of my favorite missions and really drew me into the game along with the punch from mission 3. The cutscene showing what happened to the Khar-Selim and the incoming Raiders gave me goosebumps.

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I think the ships that will call more attention are the ones redesigned closer to the concept arts that previously were “shrinked” to fit in the HW1 engine and ended up too different because of the limitations. It would be a good thing if later in the future, GBX make a DLC with many ships that were designed and never made to HW1 or HW2, even if they just do the HOD files (geometry and textures).

The HWR MOD team were remastering HW1 ships to HW2 engine before the arrival of GBX. In our case we changed the attitude of some ships through design notably TDN Hvy Corvette, KSN Destroyer. We also put in-game a version of the TDN Carrier designed by JAKambeitz that didn’t make to the original HW1. I hope after the release of HWRE we can adapt these ships in particular, given they won’t be redone the way we did it.

Now that you mention it @Chimas I just remembered that the Karos Graveyard mission is going to be a really interesting place to see. If I recall correctly, a lot of the old unused and unfinished models that never made it to final game or lost out against what we now know as the Kushan or Taiidani ships wound up in there as the 'junk" ships. Plus with the capabilities of the turbo-charged engine it should look really impressive.

I’m excited for the Kushan Carrier. It’s like a spaceship turtle!

Cole actually made a whole bunch of new wrecked ships too - in that 37 minutes of PAX video you can see them a few times…

That junkyard is a hommage. In the original HW1 there are ships from Star Wars and Yamato there. I think Arioch mentions that in his Shipyard site, I don’t remember where exactly now.

Anything thats old, ancient and wrecks, and yes that ghost ship sure needs a overhaul it was a real poor design im exited in how it will look now.


Ok, it’s probably a pipe dream, but I’d love to see it.

Revelations class destroyer and taidani bomber.

I’m surprised more people aren’t talking about the Turanic Raiders. I loved the look of their missile corvettes and bandit fighters - they are the first enemy ships you see in the single player campaign. I will always remember the first time I played mission 2 - that feeling of “I’m about to be attacked by aliens!”


I want to get my hands on my first avatar kushan heavy cruiser =)

I am also looking forward to see what has been done with this ship. I think it only appeared for a couple of seconds right at the end of the campaign. It always looked a bit lame to me, but remastered it could be quite impressive…


One ship I’d be curious to see a version is the Khar-Selim that appears in cinematics (and won’t be in HWRE). In my opinion that ship has a good looking style that is different of the wreckage that made to the game (M-02).

I have a vague memory of trying to reconstruct the Khar-Selim and being disappointed that the cinematic image and the in-game wreckage didn’t give the complete picture of the ship. I think the drives and rear section weren’t shown…

There was a unit viewer for HW1 and there was a version of an intact Khar-Selim there. It was well done for that standard.

I also hope we make a MOD to insert an UNIT VIEWER in the HWRE engine using the HOD files present in the game. They won’t provide us an observer mode nor a replay mode, so this would be a great compensation (hear that gearbox!! rsrssrs)

I always wondered why the council’s ship designs were made like that…

I’m looking forward to everything in HW1 in general.

People are probably going to hate me for saying this but I honestly cant wait to see the wreckage of the Bentus just imagining seeing the carnage that its sacrif caused would be amazing