What should be the direction of BL3?

I’m kind of lost where BL3 is going and what to put down my thoughts and hear from others where it should be going.

Mayhem Mode

No scaling. Avoid enemy bullet sponges, double dip mayhem scaling builds, and self damage downing.
Mayhem modifiers always on, but enemy specific, and dangerous over tedious (no damage reduction). e.g. bandits that split into tinks upon death, ratch getting mutated swarm cannons from feeding, maliwan calling down mechs, or casino bandits using slot machines to get random effects.

True Vault Hunter Mode
Traditional harder difficulty with increased damage and health pools, increased badasses, but same loot.

Create a huge amount of build variety, but being tied to gear, cause a large bloat of useless drops.
My preferred solution is 8 annointment rolls on each gun, and choose one at a time

  • ASE annointment
  • ASA annointment
  • always on annointment (CH, URad, 300/90)
  • special event annointment (terror)
  • VH specific annointment for each VH

These need to be exaggerated as a bigger part of all guns, including purples and blues.

Loot Pools
Base game should have world drop pools similar to DLC areas. e.g. Pandora has different pool to Nekrotafeyo or maybe bandits have different drop pool from maliwan.
After killing a boss a certain number of times, exclusive dedicated drops should be added to world drops to avoid burnout on killing same boss over and over

Need ultimate test of build, gear, and skill. Far more takedowns need to be added to game

More story, more toys, and more things to test out my existing toys on.


imo all they need to do is qol changes, fix bugged skills, improve the skills that underperform/everyone hates, remove the bugs/issues that cause certain action skills to bug out or be inoperable, like pets getting stuck under ground, attack commands failing, or iron bear not activating because there’s not enough room, and enemies still shooting through zane’s barrier. and clone’s apparently not being able to tediore reload.
Update skill descriptions and disclose any hidden cooldowns.

Give dedicated drop rates a large boost, maybe add a hard mode, give a way to change element and anoint individually on gear to reduce the farm burden, be able to choose and turn off mayhem modifiers at all levels, drop about 15-27 skill points and then let it go.

Nothing involved with balance, the problems earlier was difficulty of content outpaced our ability to survive it or do damage, with enough skill points to access survivability and damage, as well as the wealth of items that are now viable, that becomes/became less of an issue, so we don’t really need any balance changes.

Just make the game work well/right and we’ll figure out the rest.
Then get their hand out of the pot and keep it there, so meta can establish and builds stop getting destroyed every weak or month. Just leave core mechanics alone.

Keep doing events if they want or adding content or whatever, but there’s nothing they can do that will have a bigger benefit than bug fixes and good qol changes.


At this point, it should be done going in any direction.


Pretty much that
Starting with mayhem
It’s just so silly

To me, this would be the greatest source of replayability.

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  1. Bug fixes.
  2. Bug fixes.
  3. Bug fixes.
  4. QOL improvements (Inventory/Bank sorting/filters, Mayhem modifier options, boss-respawns, etc.)
  5. Add Circle of Slaughter to each story DLC.
  6. Streamline itemization by reducing/combining anoints & stats, or allow for reroll/reforging to making farming more meaningful.
  7. Provide a way to reset the whole game, including Crew Challenges, or just parts of it or a single DLC.
  8. Armory/Load-out UI to allow for easier build modifications and inventory management.
  9. Kill off Pippie (or provide a way to silence/remove/ignore annoying NPCs).

Been asking that for a very long time now… Across 2 topics probably 10% actually got fixed…

Most of the things on that list I gathered across the forum (this and steam) are pretty simple yet it seems nobody cared enough to actually use it and fix the game (instead just went on doing what they do worst… Pumping out sub-par content hoping people wouldn’t leave)

Said this before… They had free content that was far better then this upcoming “dlc”

QOL and play incentive/fun factor. The main reason to keep on playing is to farm/make our characters stronger. But for me, I often feel like I’m just pissing away time and effort because drops are so horrendous, loading times are prohibitive, and guardian rank takes literal ages to raise and for little benefit.

man i wish
having mission rewards in a vending machine would be dope
and we only have not even half of this solution still
like we dont even get all base game mission rewards, and some still cant spawn with annointments… that insane
and dlc mission rewards are pretty much only accessable through missions
so we have solved nothing with this

named enemy drops should become world drops
crew mission rewards are still once per playthrough or character even, i dont know

we need more open content
we need alot more reworks of existing things

the best state the game was in was dlc 2
mayhem 1.0 m4 was a thing, we had some amazing guns working, and MOST guns felt like you could give a ■■■■ about them

i truly hope we go back to that at some point
seing as m11 is pretty much old m4 is hilarious

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Good thing Earl has been selling mission rewards for a few months already…

It’s a very low effort/hacky implementation though to be honest. Only has a chance to have a couple rewards each time, and doesn’t include DLC rewards or other one time only items that’d be desirable.


good thing you didnt pay attention and tried to correct me when
earl doesnt even sell all basic game mission rewards
some of those dont come with annoints STILL
dlc weapons arent in that vendor either
crew mission rewards also dont drop here

so he rly doesnt do anything exept like 3 pieces of gear that are good

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This one I agree with 100%. But the fact that there are only couple at a time in there - I’m fine with that.

I doubt we will ever get an option of getting to Earl or any other vendor and seeing EVERY legendary/mission reward with every anointment, element, or prefix available for purchase. It’s a feature, not a bug - BL is a ‘mayhem’ simulator, after all, not shopping one.

And for the record and for the same reason, I also don’t think it should be that easy to just buy M10 gear in the vending machine, without killing a single enemy. It just feels ‘wrong’, IMHO. I could be convinced otherwise, though.

I mean it was that easy in bl2, with seraph vendors which were just reskinned earl vendors.
But that was only the case because of a lucky glitch regarding one of the bosses that made farming crystals easier.

If that wasn’t the case, man that would have been horribly annoying/frustrating.
Making the only way to get desirable gear be to repeatedly take down enemies that often required entire teams, when end game matchmaking was very difficult.

just yikes that would have been bad.

I disagree, because your stance is mostly mistaking tedium for depth/difficulty. There’s nothing hard about quitting and reloading a million times to get the right version of the quest item I might want. The ideal solution of course would be to add them as drops somewhere on top of having them in the vendor.


but the solution they went with was earl vendor
and they didnt apply the solution 100%
they did a 30% of it
half the quest rewards of the base game and no dlc gear

i agree that MAYBE quest rewards should start dropping from specific sources after you complete the quest once
same for crew missions cuz the bekah is one gun nobody rly uses since it drops once and its a bitch to farm for ppl on consoles or the ones who dont want to use a new safefile every fking time / reloading that
its annoying and unsessesary

best case would be adding the following things
either make events permanent and add to their specific special lootpool mission rewards drop
and make circles or proving grounds for dlcs to let us farm mission rewards there once you unlocked them

or make a few special bosses like well oldschool classic raidbosses who drop them and event gear

Personally I’m almost about ready for BL4.
But BL3 could maybe get some replayable challenge(s) with a bit of random variance (without disabled skilltrees, if at all possible). Proving Grounds but different every time. The Cortex Arena was great, I wish they just did that but with more arenas, more biomes, areas to traverse, and more enemy types in the deck.

+1 on adding them as drops.

Where we probably disagree is that I don’t think that after I got a gun as a mission reward at L11, I am now entitled to getting the specific version of this gun from a vendor at any level any time I want one.

Ar this point there is really only one way it COULD go.

But it would need wings, at this point.

weird flex, in a game about getting/using all the guns, I’d think you’d like any option where you could use all the guns.

And they’re not usable if they’re stuck at lower levels and without anoints.