What should happen in the next update/hot fix

Now, i know alot of people seem to disagree with my opinions and inputs, but seriously hear me out before you immediately shoot my post down.

To start off, they need to hurry up and fix Alani’s titles. I have all 3. Water Monk, Ridin’ like Poseidon, and Master of Alani; which i finished this past Sunday or Monday. Don’t remember.
In the title selection screen, the icon for each title appears, but after selecting one, the icon doesnt show up anywhere else in the game. This needs to be fixed soon.

Now, as for the multiplayer; the maps, turrets, and the characters need fixing. For someone who has currently at this moment clocked-in 15 days 19 hours & 4 minutes into this game alone; i can safely say i have alot of experience and should be given the benefit of the doubt.

Capture: Outback: Personally i believe this map is better than Temple on so many levels, but it literally has NO large shard clusters at all. How do you expect people to obtain their gear and build defenses without the necessary shards!? It’s ridiculous! Temple has shards! Granted there’s only 3, but they’re still there. I don’t why this is how it is, but there needs to be shard clusters on Outback; even if Capture is 15 minutes long.

Incursion: Echelon: Basically the exact same issue as Outback, just on a bigger scale. Incursion is a 30 minute long firefight with heavy action. Defenses and gear are ABSOLUTELY needed here, but unlike Overgrowth, Echelon literally only has 1 shard cluster. ONE. The rest are just pockets that are worth 65. Not only that, but there’s no Lightning turrets ANYWHERE on the map. Just 2 Stingers on each side, 2 Thumpers on each side, & 3 Supply stations. This is very weird. It feels like the situation where every thrall was a Brute and no Bonecrushers were there until the latest patch. Both of these issues need to be sorted out honestly.

Incursion in general: I said this in a previous thread, but it seems i need to say it again. Get rid of the ability to build turrets on the enemy’s base and capture their Bonecrusher thrall after the first sentry is destroyed. This is RIDICULOUSLY unfair. So many games i lost because of this. The enemy team just camps in the room with the Support Station turret and Thumper turret on Overgrowth. There’s literally almost nothing you can do.

Thumper Turret:
This turret has been the bane of about 35% of my total deaths (Which is 2390. Thankfully i have 2983 player kills to make up for it.)
This turret needs to stop doing slow status. Its completely unecessary and outright busted, especially if youre a melee character. This turret should just do massive damage vs minions (Like how it is in Story mode.) and only moderate damage vs players.

Now, onto the characters. I’ve played every character in the game and have completed EVERY SINGLE lore challenge but 2. Toby’s “Killing on Rails” (4/10) and Benedict’s “Rocket Jump Professional” (4555/10800). After that, i’ll be finished with all lore until Pendle’s release. So i have experience, both as and against each character. Here are my thoughts.

Like my previous thread on why Alani needs to be nerfed, she is basically beefy tank who both is hard to hit and just hard to kill in general. People complain about her Torrent’s damage output when in truth it is completely fine. Her standard attack isnt crazy overpowered, it’s just the amount of Osmosis it builds. Every barrage of her Torrent (4 shot barrage BTW) builds 1 stack and a little bit for the second. In 3 barrages she’s good to go. Now, this wouldn’t be as bad if it wasn’t for her second mutation “Extremophile” that allows her to heal around 1400HP to allies and 600HP-800HP for herself with the proper gear loadout and helix upgrades. Combine all this with her small frame and she’s almost invicible. There’s only really 2 ways to stop an Alani. 1. A multi-stun assault. 2. A multi-silence and wound assault. And that’s really only if her teammates arent heavily protecting her.

In short: The amount of Osmosis she generates, the amount she can heal for, her Helix: Go with the Flow, and her slow movement speed all need adjustments. Combining Soothing Mist, Glow with the Flow, Refresher, and Stagant Pools allow her to have full Osmosis basically at all times and be used at maximum stacks several times within a short period so easily that its ridiculous. I cant tell you how many times i chased after a nearly dead player only for Alani to heal them to halfway of even full in 1 shot.
Im sorry Gearbox, but it’s painfully obvious that you rushed out Alani in response to the release of Overwatch in hopes of keeping everyone from quickly switching game gears. PLEASE, think these things through and balance out your other 4 characters before releasing them.

This is something i’ve been thinking over very hard about. Benedict’s mutation: Multiloader is a little… worthless. I want to use this more (Especially since i’ll be playing him VERY soon.) but trying to use this mutation is pointless. I understand the need of charging up the 2 shots off to comphensate for the extra damage, but trying to use this along with Hawkeye isnt worth it. Even with Persistent Projectiles to make Hawkeye 4 seconds long, you can only get off 1 Multiloader shot. By the time you charge up the second one, Hawkeye’s duration is over.
This however isn’t the only issue. The second one is that Benedict’s launcher itself only holds 5 shots. Multiloader fires 2 rockets at once. Do you see the math here? 2-2-1. Again, no point in Multiloader. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with still firing individual shots one at a time, but if youre gonna make a mutation that allows you to fire off 2 rockets at once, give him a magazine that can hold an even number of shots.

My solution is that Benedict should have his capacity size shortened to 4 rockets or increased to 6 rockets. That way Multiloader will be a more useful mutation. As for the Hawkeye issue… this is a tricky situation. I feel like what im about to say will get shot down faster than a 9/11 joke, but i think Hawkeye should be modified altogether.
Hawkeye should last longer (5-6 seconds at least) but will only allow a certain number of fired rockets to home on the target before forcibly disabling. On top of that, the player should also be allowed to press Hawkeye again to stop the tracking prematurely in case of the event of a different enemy takes priority, but Hawkeye locks-on to someone else.

Thankfully this one is short and easy. Caldarius’ TMP is WAAAY too accurate and powerful. There’s no recoil and barely any spread. This needs to be toned down. No recoil is fine, but he needs to generate wider spread. Being able to accurately pinpoint and gun down somebody without any effort is unfair for anybody.

The other issue is his double jumping ability. I understand that he’s a Skirmisher, but there’s been too many times i’ve fought a Caldarius who just hops around side-to-side like a bunny making him impossible for any ranged character to hit. And in the event that he’s weak, he hops all over the map like he’s on meth and Gravity Bursts away to safety. Toby has charges on his boosters. Why can’t Caldarius!? He should only be able to double jump at least 3 times in one short period like Toby, but with a faster recharging rate.
And before anyone says it, sure with all the jumping Caldarius cant shoot straight himself, but he cant just Flashbang the enemy - get those quick shots in - then start hopping again. It’s annoying and needs to stop.

This is another one who gets on my nerves. There’s only 2 issues here that needs fixing. Deande’s Holotwin explosion and her “Uppercut” mutation. To be honest, the Holotwin should never be able to explode. Its meant to be an escape tool and a flanking tool. Making it explode for damage is just unecessary as it can already attack and deal damage.

Now, the more important problem. Deande’s Uppercut has to be one of the most broken and unfair things i’ve ever seen. It has no cooldown period and her primary combo isnt crazy long either. I played as Kelvin with over 4000HP and i was corner trapped by a Deande. She literally uppercutted me to death in about 10 seconds. There was nothing i could do. (Sublimate was on cooldown before anybody says it and his pushback secondary did nothing to help.)
There needs to be a cooldown period for Deande’s uppercuts. Its just overpowered and ridiculous.

Apparently this never got through the first time i mentioned it, so i’ll say it again.

Put a timer on ISIC’s Omega Strike ultimate.

It’s ridiculous how he can stay in that mode indefinitely! ISIC’s Omega Strike can kill even high health Battleborn like Montana and Kelvin in mere seconds, not to mention take down entire Sentries in Incursion with full shields and health. Add the overcharged version and the Helix upgrade “Shields Up! :D” and you have what’s basically the equivalent to a Titan in Titanfall and all the other players are without theirs and in a smaller battlefield.
Like seriously, back in the beta that shield could only take 1000 damage. Now it’s 2000!? There’s some tom-foolery going on here.

I’ll admit, i’m glad that they fixed Rotating Wards, but looking over Omega Strike for this long is just ridiculous. (Just like how this thread will be over-looked entirely.)

This dude has needed a buff for the longest. Montana needs more damage and slower heat-generation. Everyone says he’s meant to provide CC, but i can barely destroy a single wave of minions without the gun overheating first. There’s barely any damage output either, it’s sad that Montana is the only character in the entire game that absolutely NEEDS support.
If he’s too close to the front lines, everyone gangs up on him immediately without thought and dies within seconds.
If he’s back killing minions (If they even reach that far to begin with.) he can barely kill them efficiently. All Montana is literally good for is PvE (Story mode) and killing thralls and elite bots. THATS IT. If there’s no healer (Specifically Miko) then all Montana is - is a giant temporary target dummy until he dies or recalls to base. Then its just wash - rinse - repeat. Even with Mansformation and Firestorm (To deal extra damage) it’s still the exact same outcome, but Montana dies less quickly. (SOMETIMES)

With her being the very first character i mastered, i should know of the hell she raises on the battlefield. Shadowfire Pillar and her cooldown game needs some tweaks. Lately, i’ve noticed that her SF Pillar is doing damage far outside of its blast zone. Like im 3 feet away and i still get caught. Same for Alani’s Geyser. Might wanna check that out.

As for her cooldown reductions, its way too good for how much damage she deals with all her skills, especially with her later mutations. I get hit by Paradigm Shifts worth 1000 damage late game and with the fact she can cool it down from its minute long timer is ridiculous. Why do Benedict and Marquis have over a whole minute on their ultimates, but Orendi and Thorn only gets 1 minute flat? That pretty messed up.

Everybody knows about this one right here. That Catalytic Smash/ Dreadwind combo needs to stop. Rath takes literally no skill to use and he gets kills for free without much effort. Once Rath puts Silence on Catalytic Smash, there’s almost no hope. Literally every person i asked who has the “Pentastrike” title how they got it said it was because of Rath’s ultimate. That damage output is straight BS. I’ve taken to up as high as 3500HP from 1 Dreadwind. And Rath was only level 6. Imagine at level 10 with the damage buff? No character in the game will survive that.

Shayne & Aurox:
This is someone i havent heard about since the beta. Sadly, she still needs a nerf.
Im sorry, but a 600 base shield? Are you guys insane!? Kleese gets away with having high shield strength by having the lowest health in the entire game. Shayne and Aurox are attackers with double the base shield strength of literally every other attacker. Combine this with the helix “Bigger, Badder Djinn” and the base becomes 840SS along with over 2000HP. Aurox may cause Shayne to have a the biggest hitbox out of all attackers, but this is ridiculous.

This is one thing i discovered a while back, but never seen anyone else mention it. Toby’s Force Field cant be destroyed by the sentry’s Tower Blast attack. It literally wont do any damage. The head’s machine guns will, but not the cannon. Might wanna fix that soon before people catch on.

Edit: Lol i love how people are saying that i dont all this lore done. If you want proof, it’s on my achievements list. I’m literally almost done. After i finish Benedict and Toby i need to complete every mission on Hardcore and Advanced.

Time played inst an indication that your opinions of problems are valid… So no you shouldn’t ever be given benefit of the doubt just on played time alone.


The may not be shard clusters but if you bother to collect the normal crystals you can build easy, they have a low respawn time, the amount of hours you have and you haven’t figured that out?

Yeah, a lot of people complain about echelon. Those shards re spawn so fast I have a full set of gear in no time. People don’t pay attention since they aren’t on the map.

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Alright, I read through all of it until the character stuff, then I skipped to Montana.

First, I don’t believe that you’ve completed all the lore challenges but those two, but eh, who am I to judge?

Moving on: I think that Outback could maybe use a couple shard clusters (one for each side), but it’s not crucial. Capture is supposed to be a more fast paced mode, so these things happen. If you know where the “paths” are in Outback, you can rack up quite a few shards.

I do think that the gameplay in incursion diminishes once a sentry has fallen, but I have seen comebacks (both sides). The thing that I want fixed ASAP is how the ■■■■■■■ ties work in the game. Score is currently BS and one of the worst feeling things in the game. I can top damage, build 20 turrets and 15 super-bots, but have a score less than 10. GBX, plz.

My only real gripe for Montana is that hailstorm doesn’t have enough of an effect on the heat generation. I think that by default, it should stop heat generation. And that “The Cooler” helix should decrease heat even more than it does.

In the CTT the ice helix literally emptied your heat.
So you could shoot till max heat, trigger hailstorm which would bring you to zero heat, shoot till max heat, repeat…

I don’t think it should be like that, but yeah a little more effect would be nice. I was kinda dumbfounded when I first saw how little it was doing (was expecting the same as CTT). But in a way it is good because you can fire your whole hailstorm at near-max heat (which gives your more damage) so it’s kinda a tradeoff either way.

I’ll put my feedback in bold within your quoted text.

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IMO should be:

Alani damage nerf
Ambra heal buff
benedict damage buff to ult
lore changes: All 25 kill requirements changed to 5 kill requirements…
Shards added to Echelon.

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Yea, that’s too much. Maybe just reduce heat generation for X seconds (3?) after the talent finishes. idk.

Regarding the rest of the thread:
Addendum: Galilea… From an overall Balance perspective, I think she’s fine. but from a versatility and sense perspective, I think she still needs work.
I was talking to some people on the discord and we came up with this idea:
It’s Dangerous to Go Alone
While Galilea’s health is above 60%, swinging her Greatsword unleashes a ranged blast of energy instead of her normal attack. (no damage increase)

This brings the talent more into balance with the rest of the tier, instead of being a must-pick. That way, they can start to balance her attack damage around her kit and not around a single helix choice. I’d also improve the shield talent on that tier (increasing corruption? come on)

Yeah let’s nerf Deande to the point she can’t even be used anymore…
The knockup is the only way she has to stop being destroyed by anyone, and it’s not she 3 hits you, it takes a while for her to kill you so if you’re getting killed by her uppercut is because A) you were out of position or B) your team is blind, and take away the damage from the clone?
So she’s a ultimate that locks her in place for what, 5 seconds? Then the damage of it sucks, sure it stuns people but if noone’s around or your teammates just suck your ulti is almost useless, her base damage is meh, her speed sucks, she’s supposed to be an assassin that kills lone targets, but you want to take away the only 2 ways she has to do some real damage… why not giving her a -50% movement speed and an attack debuff of 100%, so she can be the moving target you’ve always dreamed about.

She’s already so slow too…

They need to buff ambras sunspot heal and bring back her slow on her ult. that slow was one of the few things that made the meteor actually hit anything. Now anyone can just see the giant ass red thing and run away from it.


They just took the slow away from the level 10 right helix.

I disagree. The slow on thumper turrets is what makes them so valuable, it deters players from diving and their effectiveness encourages players to build them and reinforce defenses. If slow was taken away and damage reduced, they may as well be stinger turrets.

This mutation is so overrated, it’s easily avoidable and is basically a beacon for enemies to see from miles around. It doesn’t increase her DPS at all and makes her visible to everyone, kinda redundant for a stealth assassin.

Certainly not. Montana has the highest base health in the game, among the highest DPS, and three abilities with three different CC effects two of which also provide damage reduction to that massive health pool. In his helix he has access to further health increases, shield buffs, and health regen. He’s the tank’s tank, in need of a nerf if any balance is needed at all.

On Shayne & Aurox, they may have a large shield and health pool but as you mentioned they’re a huge target, also her DPS isn’t nearly as high as other attackers. She’s more of an offensive tank than a true attacker. She has good CC, a good escape, and a rather weak ult that provides area denial for a short time but leaves her vulnerable. You seldom see S&A dominatwle matches, any further nerfs would be as unnecessary as the first, she’s been damaged enough already.
Similar argument for Orendi, her short cooldowns and high damage are compensated for with almost non-existent health, if she were to suffer any kind of nerf I believe she’d no longer be a viable character in PvP.


Buff to Benedicts ultimate? Doesn’t it do 500? I haven’t played him much so just wondering.

I’m torn with Deande. I feel like the uppercut is really all she has. I usual hit her with a slow and that takes care of that. However, I’m of the mind set if something a character needs to be good is OP then that character should get reworked I.e Rath, so who knows.

I’ve never found the holotwin explosion to matter much at all and I’ve mastered her.

Anyone that says Benedict’s clip should hold LESS is wishing him harm. It should hold 6 and I agree that the multiloader is basically pointless. I can’t use it because it makes him slower and you really have to be more accurate. But when speaking about accuracy in Benedict, his rockets are insanely slow and very easy to dodge. He’s only good for me in Meltdown because there’s more areas to perch on. His reload is slow even with two gear pieces and a helix upgrade that hastens his reload speed. I LOVE Benedict and he’s super fun to play as but he definitely pales in comparison to others. His Boomsday doesnt always deal 500 damage. I don’t know if it’s glitched for me or what. And im not talking about someone having damage reduction gear, im talking it does 63-250 damage either head on or hitting the ground beneath them. It doesn’t clear minions as effectively as it should. I have seen it do 500 but only a couple times.

Montana does not need a buff. If anything his damage reduction skills should be lowered but only slightly. He’s a beast and although his gun accumulates heat quickly I personally have never had an issue with it when playing him.

I don’t mind that the turrets deal slow I just wish them and the minions didn’t do SO MUCH DAMAGE as well. It should be slow and lower damage and I would be happy. I have been killed by many turrets and minions lol. I’ve also had my turrets kill players for me. They’re all pretty insane when a small minion deals 345 damage and a striker bot does 983 in 2 seconds. Turrets usually do 3-400 to me in 2 seconds. Lol I get mad at those. But the slow is definitely effective and pertinent to base defense.

Now for the camping at supply stations… I LOVE that. Both for me and my opponents. I had a game just last night where we killed their sentry and damaged the 2nd, they killed ours and were camped in our supply station and we pushed them back out before they could deal any damage and won. It was an awesome game. I’ve had many, really most games, that end up with either team camped in the supply station. It’s been a good and bad thing for my team but you win some and you lose some. Altogether I love this strategy. It’s very fun. My team has stolen thralls and taken the one enemy thrall and vice versa. It has never been an immediate victory but it does bring more challenge to the game.

On a similar note as my last paragraph, I don’t like it when enemy teams in Meltdown go for the opposing supply station at the very beginning of the game and control our side of the field. Later on when the altars change its understandable. I just feel like people are pushing too hard in the first minute of the game. Again tho it’s not an immediate victory. I have more issue with this than the incursion supply station though because people use meltdown for kills and I just wanna play the objective.

I honestly disagree with just about all of this. First, you have about 16 days played in this game, and its been out for 31. So what you’re trying to say is you’ve averaged twelve hours a day playing? I find that a little hard to believe, assuming you work/go to school and sleep, both of which would take 6 hours on minimum. Second, I dont see how you could have finished all the lore challenges as they take about 15+ hours each, at a bare minimum again. Lastly, you claim you’re 2983-2390 over this time, but Im 2283-1059 in under 90 hours of playtime, so either you dont play much PVP, in which those hours dont mean much in showing PVP knowledge, or you just sit on the main screen for a majority of that.

Next, your calling for nerfs/buffs on some of the most balanced characters. Caldarius and Deande are two characters that are fairly weak and you essentially want to make them useless because its “annoying”. Yeah, flash bangs are annoying but that doesn’t equal being OP. The rest of the post follows suite with this and I just think is completely unnecessary. Especially the thumper turret changes.


i think you’re the first person ive seen say nerf caldarius lol no they shouldnt make him any weaker since he already gets hit hard cant take many hits barely hits back yes the jumping is annoying but if you,ve ever played space invaders he is easy to shut down there to lol

Yes it is.