What should I get for TPS from the VIP rewards site?

The VIP rewards site they setup to reward you for clicking their info sites/articles/etc for BL3 lets you cash in points for item rewards at your level in PreSequel and BL2. And later some stuff for BL3 apparently. What should I get for PreSequel?

Are there especially hard to obtain items in PreSequel? It’s been a while and I forgot some of the nuances of the PreSequel. Supposedly Ol’ Painful was hard to get on release. Maybe it’s still that way?

I know this could go lots of ways. Because “good items” vs “hard to get items” don’t always intersect, so to speak. So that’s why I let you select more than one in the poll.

Please also write why you voted the way you voted.

  • Flakker
  • Prismatic Bulwark
  • Shooterang
  • Skullmasher
  • Torrent
  • Absolute Zero
  • Ol’ Painful

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Absolute Zero is the hardest to get from that set. Prismatic Bulwark is the second, all the rest are easy to farm in game.

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I have a collection of Ol’ Painfuls. So much so, I use them as Grinder fodder! I agree with @GrzesPL - go for the real hard-to-get items.

I use the Ol’ Painful as grinder feed too.

I’d go with the Skullmasher. Always my favorite weapon from TPS.

Because the drop rates in TPS are low go with Ab Zero, P Bulwark, Torrent and ol’ painful

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I voted Absolute Zero. I picked up 4 and (surprise!) got a fifth one while replaying Claptastic Voyage from Eclipse/EOS.

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It’s a shame the Luck Cannon, Flayer or Revolution weren’t optional rewards.

I’d agree that the Absolute Zero is the hardest to obtain in the list but I’d personally go for yhe item you think you’d most likely use.

I prefer the Fridgia as my cryo weapon over the Absolute Zero.

The Bulwark shield is amazing if you’re using lasers but i really never use lasers so i prefer the Reogenator (for it’s healing and elemental resistance), Shield of Ages (for it’s capacity) and Rerouter for (Damage output increase and amp drain healing). Due to this, I personally would not choose the Bulwark unless i changed to a laser build but I’m dominantly a Nisha player so i don’t see that happening.

I personally chose the Skullmasher. I actually use it a lot as it synrrgizes well with my Nisha’s build. Another factor that drove me to choose the Skullmasher is that I hate farming this weapon. The jumps on the buildings and fighting my way to Nell everytime is not an efficient farm and I’m still hunting for a level 70 “TumTum” prefix.

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You need Wombat shotgun, once you get it you can farm Skullmasher without fighting Nel.

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Really? How so?


Wow … That’s brilliant! I didn’t know about that. Thank you for sharing.

Joltzdude is the man.