What should Kleese's heal chair be healing for?

I noticed that when standing next to Kleese with the healing chair helix, my health regen number was listed as 11HP/s, instead of the 38 listed in the Helix? I was expecting this to display in the same way Healing Stations show their healing in the health bar.

Is the problem with displaying the healing amount or is Kleese healing even less than the helix states?

I didn’t have any health regen of my own and I was close enough to Kleese to touch him. No -Healing Received items.

Going to do a test play now to see if I can figure anything out.

Out of curiousity, who were you playing as?

So, I played a splitscreen match with me as kleese and my wife’s profile as orendi (someone with 0 possible health increase until late game)

I got Don’t call that a heal chair ability unlocked, and Orendi’s health regen did not go up at all, as his ability doesn’t add health regen, it heals 38 damage per second. You must have been near something that added health regen, picked up a healing item (maybe?), or had gear that added it.
Below is a screenshot of a screenshot (not sure how to get the photo from my ps4 to my phone) quality is better if you click on it

Yeah I assumed that must be it, but where did I get 11HP/s then… that is the real mystery then, I guess.
I don’t remember the character but I know that I didn’t have any health regen going on. I might have been playing as Orendi, actually?

I should have checked what gear my teammates were running, didn’t think of that until now. Some people might have had legendaries granting me that heal, does it appear as health regen?

Only thing I can think of was if you had recently walked away from a supply station the lingering health regen would have shown up. Other than that, I can’t think of any gear that adds regen for other teammates.
If you weren’t playing Orendi, there are a lot of characters who have various helices that add regen. But at this point it’s all speculation. Hopefully this helped narrow it down at least.

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Yeah, I’ll have to see if I run into this again!

Also there is gear that gives health regen to nearby allies so maybe a teammate was wearing something along those lines

It’s 38 per second, but it’s ~12 per tick. That’s how hps works, the skill ticks a few times per second, giving you health over time. Other wise it’d just be constant burst heals.

Either way, it’s worthless now. 120 was too much, and 38 is too little. 70-80 is where it should be.

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Agreed. Additionally it’s every .5 seconds.

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Ah, thank you.

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38 is still good though. I’d like it higher but it’s still decent.

A supply station heals better though… Not worth it when on the same level you can get 10+ more energy and just kill whoever is hurting your team.

It’s really not. The fact that you have to be so close to them for such a low rate of healing makes it useless. A 0 stack alani at level 1 heals faster than the heal chair.

38 hps isn’t enough to justify how close you have to be to the heal target. 120 was too much, 38 is too little.

I’d want a solid 76.

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