What should my next build be?

I have gaige and zer0 at op8 what would the community suggest for my next build as far as tps i have a max lvl wilhelm but that’s it.

I would say DoppleGanger next.
I’ve gotten, Claptrap, Wilhelm and the Doppleganger to MAX level and slowly working on getting at least 1 each of the others to max level.

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Athena and Maya. You don’t need any of the others :stuck_out_tongue: (And yes, I am totally biased)


Funny enough i started a maya build about a week ago, i’m lvl 18 and it’s a build to compliment my friends krieg.

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Sorry, but on TPS, Nisha. All the way! :wink:

Don’t listen to these old timers. lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

BL2, give Axton a shot. I find him to be quite fun and very useful. EXPLOSIONS!

I was kidding by the way. These old timers know their stuff. But they are bias. I am just narrow minded. :laughing:

I actually have an unhealthy love for the flakker so yeah, axton could be awesome man.

As you should be, because Maya and Athena are the best playable characters in BL2 and TPS, respectively.

You have chosen wisely, as fun as Krieg is he is not a team player, Maya is the only Vault Hunter who truly compliments and synergises with him. Another reason why she is the BEST playable character in ALL OF BORDERLANDS

■■■■ bias, that’s just an educated opinion (FACT) from an experienced and wise old timer.

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Then Clap-trap is the character for you, as no one loves the Flakker more than him.

  • But personally besides Maya, I’d say Krieg when it comes to BL2. No character is more fun and freeing to level up.
  • In TPS I’d say Jack as he’s my favorite. But if you like to face roll your way through the game, Nisha is definitely fun if you know how to play her. Personally I love Athena too, but I don’t find her particularly fun to level up.
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Funny you should say that, i actually made a flak-trap build yesterday, his left skill tree is pretty great with it.
Edit: he’s currently only lvl 16