What should of been included in the DLC

Overall I thought the DLC was better in many, if not most respects compared to the main story. After having beaten the DLC, it came to mind that this idea was missing which I thought should of been included, after all we see Torgue giving side-challenges throughout the areas, would of been a Circle of Slaughter where it would of featured the new enemy types encountered in the DLC. This could of even become a Moxxi influenced slaughter circle themed around the fact that she wants to control the Handsome Jackpot, and all activities contained within. It would of been fun to go wave after wave of battling Constructors, Loaders, and armored psychos. I just thought this was a little oversight unless I completely missed it myself, in which case point out to me where I need to go.

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*A Raid boss(or two).

*A Moxxi themed battle arena.

*An extra skill point.

*Better implementation of gambling: Instead if just the slots machines, also include several other games like Borderlands themed Texas Hold’em & Roulette Wheel.


I think you can play black jack? Could be wrong.

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Yeah, there are chests that you play blackjack against. The closer to 21 you get, the better the loot they contain. If you go over, you get grenades thrown at you, instead of loot. I love the concept, it reminds me of the dice chests from Tiny Tina’s DLC in B2.
There’s some randomness, too, though. I’ve had a legendary with a score of 19-ish, and only got blues/purples on a score of 21.

Other than the slots and blackjack, not sure how else they could include gambling. Would have been great to see, though. Maybe a five card stud poker chest that deals you five cards, lets you swap up to three and rewards you for how good your hand is. (Royal Flush would give an anointed legendary, Straight Flush would give a legendary, etc.)
Hope they include more ideas like this in the rest of the DLCs.

I would have liked a circle of slaughter with loader bots…