What should the devs focus on?

My idea is to create some feedback.
Personally I like where we are heading and I think all the things u can vote for have their relevance. Even tho some things might be more important than others.

That’s why I thought it would be nice if we would vote as players.
Pls vote.

  • Performance / Stability
  • Endgame / Raids / Takedowns
  • Balance / Reworks / Nerfs
  • Matchmaking

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Maybe u guys would vote for something different if that’s the case i would add that if it seems reasonable.
Let’s start to be helpful this will be a win-win situation for us all.


Isn’t that the point of teams? So each team can focus on an issue/aspect? Plus, no single dev is an expert in all of those things.

I would like to see an update on takedowns though.

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No option for Bug fixes? That needs to be addressed before character balancing imo. A lot of power is being locked behind buggy interactions, and there may be no need for balance changes if these were addressed.


I would say a combination of two of these…balancing/reworks for endgame
Like to give an example…Amara’s melee tree is great when leveling up for the first time, but you are handicapping yourself if you try to use it at Level57 M4 right now, it just doesn’t work

Performance and stability for sure. Then QOL improvements. Then start tweaking with existing features and finally new content. I don’t want them adding new things that will only break six more things.

I voted performance/stability and endgame/raids.

The biggest issues I have with BL3 are game crashes and split-screen performance issues - menu lag is especially bad.

Secondary concerns are:
Wotan’s loot drops are paltry and not befitting a raid boss. The Krakens drop more top-tier stuff than his three pieces combined (heck, the BA Ratches right at the start are better) and regular-game enemies like Sylestro/Atomic, Private Beans, and Billy all produce their designated drops at a higher rate.

I’ve had several times in Takedown where an enemy gets stuck behind a shield (the one near the door to the pre-Wotan machines) and progression is blocked.

I like that BL3 has many repeatable arenas/mobbing challenges. I like that there is a true raid now. These are both improvements over BL2. But I think I speak for many when I say that we were hoping for more raid bosses than currently exist. By this time in the life of BL2 we had five.

Voted for end game activities. They’re severely lacking currently.

Performance is mostly fine for me personally, but then again I play with a PS4 pro and don’t play coop lately. I also expect the next gen consoles to fix a lot of issues so I am not too concerned about it.

Actually bug fixes should have been bound to Performance & Stability.

Let me know what u think about putting it there or placing it as a separate section.


Wotan drops are lower than usual, since the shakedown takedown event went off.

So it’s not a repayable loot source also the Valkyries are bugged atm.
I was mentioning it in the last hotfix notes in a comment and Noel Gearbox told that they are aware of that and working on it.

Yes I mean u are right every team focus on different aspects tho focus is the name of the game here. I am pretty sure a company like gearbox can adept to its player base needs.
I’ve seen Games that really understand what their players want and I don’t feel the same with Borderlands 3 right now.

Imagine Xbox players could join their friends without having their system shut down(I’m on PS4), or classmods and skills all work properly, or having Raid Bosses like Terramorphous and what’s about Korilax. All together I miss smacking Invincibles.

If we show what we want we will get a positive response im pretty sure.

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I think it deserves its own section. While there are many bugs that have to do with UI and performance, a lot of them are character and balance related. It covers a lot of overlapping categories, so I think they should just be a separate choice.

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Well cannot change Pool anymore… only in the first 5 minutes t

Aside from the inordinate number of crashes, bugs, UI and other performance issues…wait no there’s nothing more important than those.
Still, I’m having fun!
I guess drops and annoints could be a bit more balanced.

While I agree, there are performance problems, games crashing etc.
I hope they are still focusing on moze
Some number buffs aren’t fixing her useless skills

Well i forgot to place Bug fixes into performance and stability.

There are a lot of buggy skills and class mods.
Well by only fixing that the builds would vary more.

not necessarily buggy but simply useless

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Well thats part of the reason some builds arent working on high levels of Mayhem.

i dont think that any build is even trying to use force feedback or carry grenades
and torgue cross promotion is simply in my build because it somehow adds to splash and i need it to move down the blue tree, without actually contributing something to the build

Well i am not a Moze main even tho i have a lvl 50 Moze.
I can speak better for Fl4k complete blue tree is not rewarding plus St4kbot isnt stacking at all, and Amara (Infusion).
But I’m sure there is even a lot of more.

Well i hope we get to 100 votes.