What Should The New Element Be in Tiny Tina Wonderlands?

Heya Buddies, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands just got revealed recently and I am super hyped. I wanted to pitch some new element types that Tiny Tina might just create in her imagination since in every borderlands game they add a new element. Tiny Tina can literally create anything she wants in her new wonderlands so we might just get some new elements. Feel free to join in on the discussion/pitch your own ideas.

Video Showcase:


Arcane/Magic: I started off with this because I feel like out of all my ideas this one seems the most realistic for the developers to create. Its a trope in RPG to have Arcane magic of some kind and since we are going to be jumping into a world that is all RPG why not double down and make Arcane Element Guns. Originally I wanted to just make the element’s main gimmick be homing but then I remember that Atlas is already a thing so instead I want with this: A Purple w/ blue tones color element that mains gimmick is to deal pierce damage. This element goes through shields and armor and directly deals damage to the Flesh HP of enemies. As a downside I recommend making this element deal a base 70% damage as opposed to 100% to all enemies incase piercing turns out to be too good. I feel like that’s its balance and fits with the themes of the world nicely but I’m sure gearbox could find a way to make it more special.

(Next Three are just to finish the 5 Element table that is incomplete in borderlands, currently we only have fire and shock while in RPG there are usually water earth and wind present alongside these as well)

Earth: Bullets fired from a earth elemental gun applies “earth” stacks onto the enemy where as each pellet/bullet applies one stack. Once enemies gain 10 stacks they are consumed to produce a rock spike from beneath the enemies to deal bonus damage. different guns could apply more stacks per bullet incase there are weapons that can’t shoot fast enough like Snipers. Besides a Rock Spike they could just make a boulder come from the sky when the stacks hits 10 for a nice little AOE damage. Earth Stacks could also slow down enemies but I feel like that might be too close to cyro at that point.

Water: I personally can’t find to many ways to make this element be too different or special but I’ll put it here anyways. This element could produce a CC effect that pushes enemies into the air or onto the ground with the idea of waves knocking down enemies. Soaked enemies could take bonus damage from shock but this just might be slag with extra steps.

Air: Air element is kinda in the same ball park as water where it could produce a CC that lifts enemies into the air and forces them to levitate for a few minutes. Perhaps air element guns could produce Thunder Clouds that shock enemies that come near it.

Charm: This sounds obvious but I’ll Explain it just in case. Charm elemental guns would have a chance to turn enemies into allies for a short amount of time. This is already a grenade and a skill in bl3 so it would be easy for them to implement into the game.

Bleed: Just Like Charm this is a common CC in RPG but the main special property of this element would be a specification on Dots. I know for the most part all elements have dots but this element would increase damage based on how many bullets you land on an enemy thus increasing the dot damage higher and higher. The base damage from the guns itself would be lessen but consecutive hits on an enemy would allow for damage to rapidly increase. The idea is to try to make a element that actually has good dot damage because for the most part dots are usually an afterthought when creating builds (unless you are amara melee Stinger) and this could add interesting diversity.

Vampyr: This element is pretty basic for the most part, it would give life steal as a basis to a weapon without having to invest points into life steal on the skill tree. since this idea is kinda meh, I wouldn’t mind just combining this with the bleed element to create a more dynamic element. Perhaps just keep the name as bleed or call it blood or something. Having a gun have a “blood element” sounds cringe tho so I’m sure they could name it cooler if they tried haha.

Light: Another common trope in RPG is the duality of Light and Dark so I wouldn’t mind seeing a Light based gun where it has instant traveling bullets and allows you to blind enemies with radiant light. This would cause a debuff that would allow the enemies a chance to “miss”. I put this into quotes because despite the common ideology of having the enemy’s behavior be modified to purposely miss I would like this debuff cause the enemies attacks that hit you have a chance to deal no damage acting like a miss. I know most CC Don’t work on bosses but if gearbox is willing this could be used on a boss during a difficult Survival phase to give the vault hunter a higher survival rate by allowing us to make any enemy including bosses have their attacks deal no damage.

Dark: Like said before with the duality of Light and Dark I could equally see Dark being an element since I gave light so much of a chance. Since both elements have aspects of blinding in different ways I could see this having all the same property of Light. Of course because I made these both similar I wouldn’t want both to be in the game unless they are drastically different. Of course I don’t expect them to add more then just one Element so this statement is irreverent I suppose.

I believe that covers everything, Have a great day everyone :slight_smile:

Feel free to add any ideas/improvements down below, I would love to see what everyone comes up with or how everyone spices up existing ideas that I listed above.


I think having entirely new elements would be really fresh! It’d also be cool to have status effects in BL do something other than “fire DoT but it’s shock”.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they stuck to the classic 4 though, but either way I hope it’s a more distinct and focused pool so the utility between elements isn’t overlapped like in BL3.


Yeah a new set of elements sounds dope honestly, that would literally be the biggest game changer ever. I know it’s unlikely but it sounds really fun

Pirce would be too powerful at 70%. Maybe like 30 % or so, like TPS lunshines with a 30% chance to pierce. Guess they’d need to play around and find balance.
Your earth idea sounds more like an action skill or skill tree effect than an element, IMO. So does charm, bleed and life steal, which already exist as borderland effects not elements, so I doubt they’d be added, but who knows. A life steal DoT does sound interesting, if done well. I’d call it bloodburn or heartrend or something. LIfe steal in BL3 has definitely become too OP, IMO, so I’d prefer this be kept as low as possible in power, so only the DoT should heal you.

My suggestions:
Earth/stone - coats enemies in a clay substance that hardens, before slowly flaking away. This damages and slightly slows them (but not as much as cryo), but mainly increases their weight, preventing them from jumping, climbing or flying. This would be most powerful against flying enemies and adding stacks to flying enemies can cause them to crashland and suffer damage.

Water - wets enemies, causing them to take slightly more shock damage and slightly less fire (like shield buffs/penalties), but also has a chance to make them slip and fall every time they take damage, just like shooting them in the legs. If they fall, there’s a short delay then they get up.

Swarm/hive - does low direct damage (say 50%), but has a chace to spawn eggs inside the enemy. Eggs consume health for a few seconds, before hatching into a cloud of insects which either stay in place or follow the affected enemy and sting all nearby targets.

Light - just lasers, but using magic?

Dark/corrupt - applies a shadowy coating to enemies, but instead of dealing damage to them, the enemy constantly emits dark novas(once every second, maybe), damaging nearby targets. Should this damage kill the target, the affected enemy “levels up” and becomes more powerful, but killing it rewards more xp and loot. (Basically Goliaths as an element)

Slag could also come back as a debuff effect element, just as long as it’s not too powerful and the gameplay doesn’t lean on it (like BL2 UVHM). Bit more like the it’s piss grenade.

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Won’t make sense but honestly I could see the element of Love/Loyalty being at play (I know it’s not an element). Tina is still a girl and deeply cares for her followers/friends/family. This isn’t exactly an RPG in a sense that you can pick factions but who knows I’m just going to guess at some things.

Maybe we can pick a side in this new wonderland. I’m talking out my ass but hypothetically let’s say it is Knights vs Wizards (Hodunks vs Zaford). We side with Knights in the wonderland. That loyalty/love for knights makes us deal more damage to wizards and take less damage from them. So for example a gun is a regular gun. A shock element gun adds shock element to a regular gun that has buffs/weaknesses to certain enemies. I feel this goes in line with that. I am imbued with Tina’s love (or hatred) on my weapon. Tina empowers me with her magics and I get a buff to certain enemies.

I feel this also can work by turning guns or pieces of armor/shields/relics into other things if we play with this whole faction system. For example if we go under a Knight and get imbued with Tina’s Love then the Shield will have extra protections against physical stats where as if we go under Wizard faction then it has stats that shoot fireballs back to the enemy or something.

Another element that I could see being a thing is Time. (Yes I know this isn’t an element either). I mean it is a Wonderland. She is still a kid in this. I’m going to assume she likes to rewind time or wants things to go back to the way they were before. Not so much IN BL3 that I can think of but especially in TPS we had those alien dudes that would power up. I remember trying so hard to try and prevent them from powering up because they would just become a huge headache for me. So what if there is a Time element (or just a gun gimmick) where you can revert an enemy back to their original state. So for example in BL3 we have those aliens that get that pink stuff and become super aliens. I think you hit the pink/blue stuff to prevent that from happening. With Time element infused bullets (or gun) you can shoot them to make them change back into their default state.

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arcane/magic is obviously the most reasonable element to go with
however the “dealing direct hp damage” gimmik, i have thought about it in skill tree design as well, bears the problem that some enemies don’t even have hp and only consist of shield and armor
however it if was communicated differently to simply always attack the “main bar” it might work^^


Mana, Magic, Arcane; True Damage; Rainbow

It’s probably gonna be something with magic, I guess.

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Whatever the element is hopefully its not just Slag renamed.

Maybe the lack of caffeine talking, but I think since it’s Tiny Tina, we need to think more like a slightly insane psycopath who loves her plush bunny rabbits, has a thing for bodokodonks and murder…Maybe instead of traditional elements, how about the “explosive bunny rabbits with bombs that laugh as they chase the baddies” element? Or the “Nuttier than squirrel ■■■■” element that doesnt do damage but slows the enemy allowing us to think of more elaborate ways to blow them up? I really need some sleep.


Lol I love the way you think

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Element: “ShizzleFoRizzle”.

Phlogiston - a Fire derivative

Etheric Crystals - solid Ether (an enigmatic oxymoron). Ether itself could be the element while the crystals could be a resource that you gather to be used to power up gear and/or spells.

Philosopher’s Stones - used for alchemical transformational spells, weapons, etc. Maybe this is a resource used to convert one piece of gear into another (or set of gear into a better one).

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So… I take it that “Gals” is out then?


Farts. Area-denial element.


…and runic passphrases to open sealed gates!

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I couldn’t care less - Gearbox will ■■■■ this game up the same way they did BL3.


Raisin = slag-like DOT?

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Of course, we could get something crazy like cookies or salad as an element, lol.


pizza sauce!!!