What should they do with Tiny Tina in BL3? Obligatory Spoiler Warning

I like Tiny Tina, but I think her character needs to develop. The reason why I can laugh about her craziness is that I know she will be ok. She has friends and can care for herself. In Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep the others show that they care for her and Krieg also hopes to become sane. It would be the logical consequence that she become more sane.

Who will take care of her?
Brik: he is Tina’s BF, but if the Vault hunters though about it, like people do when they make important decisions, they will probably come to the conclusion that it’s a bad idea. Lilith: She is not really good with people. Springs and Athena: Springs writes violent children books and Athena is quite patient with her. No one, like before: This war_is_coming_stuff, is a good reason, why someone should take care of her.

Will she become a playable character in BL3?
The events of BL2 happen 5 years after BL1, if BL3 happens 5 years after BL2 she will be 18. I think her character already needs to develop. And they also managed to turn claptrap into a playable character. So maybe?

I think this is a good base for a discussion. Now give me your opinion and reasons would also be good, a bunch of people that just state their opinions is not really a discussion :smile:


Her and Pickle should be shacked up … with children.


I could see Tina being a playable character, being an explosives expert would make for some good skill tree options.


Good you mention it, she should punch him in the face. I really hate him, he doesn’t have character flaws beside that I hate him.

She could have a turret, because of Roland, or an D20 dice as action skill.

Tina’s special skill will be summoning pickle. He will then be all jolly, run around the battlefield, shout ‘Golly!’ ‘Blimey!’ and toss his knickers (ew) and some plum pudding to confuse the enemies. You can spend skill points to throws more knickers and make them less cleam or increase the plum pudding amount.

But joking aside, I do not care a lot. Yes of course they should go forward with all characters and I would like eg claptrap getting his fragtrap skills back. They more or less started afresh with the 4/6 Vault Hunters in Tps and IMO it worked out really good and we got fun stuff. So as long as it’s fun, I do not mind if it’s Tina, old VHs or total new characters.

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Gaige should give deathtrap for Tina.

You know that Tina deserves more than Explosions and Annoying British kids. She needs a skill tree based on Imagination.


Something something Princess Fluffybut.


That one skill tree is better for team play than the others, is quite common and Tina’s imagination can help others like when she told Brick he were a Siren with infinite strength. Would be funny if she could retrieve teammates by “casting a spell” and thereby motivating him.

But an imagination skill tree could also be for solo play, kinda like Jack’s (Timothy Lawrence) skill tree “Greater Good”, that allows him to retrieve himself, when one of his digital jacks dies. Tina could imagine that Princess Fluffybut retrieves her.

It would be cool if her skills could alter her personality. They could split “imagination” into “Bunkers and Badasses” and “insanity”.

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The Borderlands game are all always a bit grim, but now we reached a point where they have each other, and the crimson raiders and a home and stuff. Axton basically says “How’s it going?, I am back from cool Vault hunting stuff and I found a new Vault hunter friend.” There is this war_is_coming-thing, but it’s that just makes it “Vault hunter friends saving the world.”
-Go Go Vault hunter- -POP CULTURE REFERENCE-
Maybe we need some conflicts or deaths among the Vault hunters, that shatter this harmony and also reduce the amount of characters. And at one point Tina would say:“■■■■ is ■■■■■■ up, I also need to become Vault hunter and do something about this war this is now there.”


Give her a grave with a with a coffin ready to be used. 6 foot deep hole nearby.


(I would like to have some)

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Krieg is Tiny Tina’s dad. It’s unclear wether either of them realize it though (it seems they don’t)

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Tina as a playable character would be great. Depending on what they did with her skill trees (hypothetically) I’d probably play her first. Unless one of the other vault hunters was just way too awesome to pass up.


And what has that to do with Civil war?

We only know that Hyperion performed experiments on Tina’s parents and Krieg, and he sometimes says something like “Is she still alive, did she escape?” that’s all we got. And the Wikia says: "Based on his quotes, Krieg seems concerned with several different females. His quotes involving “she” are scattered and inconsistent. Within his ramblings, several stories can be imagined, but not logically tied together. " And there are no signs that Krieg got slag or eridium injections and there are no “reports” that eridium can turn someone into a meat chunk. And wouldn’t there be more proof it it were the case? and why does tina still know who sold her parents, but not how her parents look or sound or anything? And then she takes revenge before investigating what happened to her parents? And the devs have said her parents are dead.

I thought you wanted context for the image above your post. Anyway, in the son of crawmerax, Krieg’s assassin is a hyperion scientist who was “there for the birthing”, and his benefactor turns out to be “Sammy”, who is “sorry as a slice wound”. If you recall the “Doctor’s Orders” echo logs which have Tina’s origins, this Dr Samuels, or “Sammy” should be familiar


I have never seen a skill that fiddles with the amount of shotgun projectiles per shot. A coin shot skill, that decreases the amount of projectiles but increase damage, could be part of her theoretical explosive skill tree.

Didn’t the guardian tell us all vault hunters would be needed? As far as I am concerned that includes tina.

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There is just so much that doesn’t make sense, wouldn’t “Sammy” be more sorry if she(presumed that Sammy is Dr Sammuels, who doesn’t like to be called Sammy) if she did this to Krieg? You don’t apologize for such cruelty with a stupid voice.

I wanted context for the image above, but this “Krieg is tinas dad” thing has nothing to do with Civil war. I guess has to do with Captains America 3.

Since Gearbox invented the term “Vault hunter” it’s hard to say who is a Vault Hunter and who not. And why does the Guardian gets to say how many Vault hunters they need, didn’t he screw up guarding the Vault on the Moon?

“Ok Tina, I know you are 13 and stuff, but from now on you are a Vault hunter, because this Guardian thing said so.” I think this origin story needs a bit improvement.