What should they do with Tiny Tina in BL3? Obligatory Spoiler Warning

The context as I see it: krieg is looking for his “meat bicycle”, tina inherited it, whatever it is (it’s probably like Austin Powers’ “mojo” - borderline nonsense), the joke is that krieg is so out of his mind and is so obsessed with his “meat bicycle” that a civil war breaks out over this trivial argument.

Oh and Dr Samuels may have been known as Sammy by her patients regardless of how she likes being called, and slag, or the explosion+slag at Tina’s escape could have warped her mind too.
Oh, I almost forgot, in the wedding day massacre, when moxxi asks krieg if there’s a missus or miss vault hunter, his reply is “the tiny one and the sad faced mother and the blue tattoos for ever and ever”. Again, not directly proving anything, but him being Tina’s dad is the best explanation, and nothing has refuted that theory yet (I’m assuming devs said her parents are dead before the headhunter packs were out)

First, Krieg is not Tiny Tina’s dad. We had this discussion in 2013 or something. Devs shot it down. Tina’s parents are dead.

Next, a ‘vault hunter’ is a playable character in a Borderlands franchise game. There are 16 so far: Lilith, Roland, Mordecai, Brick, Axton, Maya, Zer0, Salvador, Krieg, Gaige, Athena, Wilhelm, Claptrap, Nisha, Timothy, and Aurelia. Tina, like Moxxi and Scooter and Sir Hammerlock and Lucky Zaford and Ernest Whiting. Et cetera. Helena Pierce was no vault hunter. Jeffrey Blake is no vault hunter. Tina’s one of those NPCs.

That said, I think she’d be a damned fun vault hunter to play. Same for Sir Hammerlock. Maybe even Moxxi.


Dr. Ted is THE Vault Hunter. Nobody can tell me otherwise. Not even Devs. Dr. Ted rules the whole borderlands. He knows all. Dr. Ted is love, Dr. Ted is life.

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I actually preferred the way they had her in TPS. Less of a main focus and more of a occasional funny dialogue bit.

I really love the darker, less in your face humor in BL1. I like some of the over the top stuff in BL2 too but if you are going to turn the series into one of those old spice commercials I think a lot of people will check out. Myself included.

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“Old spice commercials”
Haha, well put :smiley: In any case, the lead writer left recently (I wonder if he still did claptastic voyage), so new opportunities and all that

Come on man, then he was in the same slag experimentation facility at least. The hints are very heavy. Eh, it’s off topic

But the arguments against it are even stronger: There would have been more proof, if that had been the case. Krieg doesn’t look like avictim of eridium or slag experiments. And why has no one searched for information about her parents, NPCs sent me on missions for more trivial things? And most important th devs said they are dead. And even if Krieg thinks she is his daughter why does no one investigates it?

It turned a bit into “Vault hunter besties saving the universe”, let’s make some characters die so people are sad.

Since “you need all the vault hunters you can get” has been said why not start bdl 3 with a training camp intro.

The into video takes us to a shooting range. Lilith is helping a small girl learn to shoot. Next stall shows brick shaking his head in frustration while trying to train his guy to shoot. Next stall is a rather curvy figure lighting up a target while axton seems… distracted by his view. Last stall you see is a dude going crazy and completely missing everything and you see mordicai back away in fear of being shot.

Then you see “6 months later”
Liliths voice “let’s go”
First you watch Tina fight lilith. Lilith phaselocks tina. “Girllllll you think you can stop this badonkadonk?” Tina has explosive spiders fall and go after lilith. Lilith loosesthe phaselock and starts firing. Tina pulls out a rocket launcher and fires.

Next you hear brick “all right, let’s see what you got”
“I WILL EXPODE YOUR FACE WITH THE POWER OF EXPLOSIONS!” brick throws a punch that Mr tourge dodges “THATS RIGHT CHUMP, YOU CAN’T HIT M…” brick lands his next punch and tougre goes flying “what did I tell you? Less talking! Less air guitars! More fighting!”

Close up on moxiis lips “so… you ready to… do it sugar?” She bites her lip seductively and axton freezes “oh yea… I mean fighting right? Of course that’s what you mean hehe… hehe… it really got warm out here… anyway…” axton drops two turrets. Moxii let’s a scream out in pleasure and white goo covers axton and his turrets. “Guess I got carried away sugar giggle

Mordi shakes his head in frustration. “Were here to fight not fix things” “oh I know man but this here rides busted and it’s a quick fix. Al… most… done… got it!” You see scooter more dirty than normal. He puts on badass sunglasses. “Sup with the glasses?”
“I’m becoming a ninja, if you can not see my eyes you can not see me… that there sounded all smart right?” Mordi fires, scooter uses a metal shield to deflect the bullet. “Your about to catch a rideeeeeeeee to unconsciousness!” Scooter fits and the opening cinematic ends


That’s not grim enough and too straight forward, it’s just “wacky friends saving the world”. I think Tina should be separated from Lilith, Mordecai and Brick, because they have to hunt Vaults and taking her with them would be to dangerous for a 13 year old girl, some tough decisions would make clear that the situation is serious.
Springs and Athena could take care of her. In Tales from the borderlands it is revealed that Athena has retired. Athena trains her just in case, but they actually want to protect her and then ■■■■ gets real, some of the Vault hunters die or disappear and Tina has to become a Vault hunter, in order to prevent the universe from exploding or something like that. The idea that someone tries to protect Tina is still more grim than not taking the dangers of this war serious.

You lost me on the second paragraph. Brick would be teaching that boy to punch.

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Go to the old BL2 forums and search for “(Not so) Tiny Tina”.

Then read here:


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Cool, well drawn, but it doesn’t capture much of her personality. I dislike the shouting at the end, Tina shouts and swears in order to let her emotions out, and not in order to insult people, she has other means of making people feel bad and she doesn’t enjoy the explosion enough.

So, Tiny Tina as Torgue’s minion, should Mr. Torgue toss his badass hat into the vault hunting ring. I can deal with that. Maybe, Athena teaching Tiny Tina the ways of her ‘trade’, and the latter becoming a TOTAL badass herself? I can see it. But the dev team came right out and said that Krieg isn’t Tiny Tina’s dad, and I was as disappointed as anyone. I saw that reveal in my head very clearly.

As for Krieg, he’s a psycho. I seem to remember something way back when, about psychos being so because of exposure to something in the mines, where they were forced to work by Dahl. Or maybe not. Nonetheless, I at least drew the conclusion in my head about Eridium being the weird drive-you-batty stuff in those mines. And I kinda took for granted, that Krieg’s only-the-deserving thing was about revenge on Hyperion or something. Guess it’s not necessarily the case, and I just got a little TOO wrapped up in Hyperion as the ultimate bad guys.

I can’t see Borderlands without Tiny Tina. Same for Scooter, Moxxi, Sir Hammerlock, Claptrap. If we give it a few more years (like between BL1 and BL2), then Tina will be at least the same age as Gaige was in BL2, and therefore plenty mature (by Pandoran standards) to fight. She’s already fought and likely killed many Sawtooth bandits (riding piggyback on Brick’s back, per his messages to you when playing through Sawtooth Cauldron the first time), murdered Flesh Stick (and who knows how many Hyperion personnel died when Mooshy Snugglebutts and Felicia Sex-o-pants blew up that train), and conspired in two train robberies that included capital offenses. The only question is whether she’s able to become badass enough to be a vault hunter proper. She’s already proven herself to be quite handy at killing.

I think Tina should be patronized( in the “we know what’s good for you”-way)a bit. Patronizing a child doesn’t seem very grim, but it allows to make clear that she is just a child and war is very dangerous for children. And it would allow her to decide, that “its her turn”, instead of just hunting Vaults because the other told her to.

Tiny Tina is claptrap 2.0. I don’t like her…

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Yeah, that’s why I suggested searching first. IIRC about two years ago there was a lot of discussion when he posted that about what kind of a VH she would make. This thread is mostly rehash of that.

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Didn’t find it.

Robots don’t grow up or develop themselves, but children do.

I’m sure she’ll be playable in BL3. Loads of BL fans will love this option and from her skill set will be very enjoyable to play as. Also the chance to really develop her character which fans of hers will also love… Apart from me however. I’m a miserable git and can’t stand the character! Really annoying. Absolutely hate her haha
it’s ME not YOU tho. Sorry to offend Tina lovers