What size do textures have to be to be displayed right in HWRM

Like the thread states i would like to know how large do the gotta be to be displayed properly in HWRM, ill start converting over the weekend cause i got free time to work on it completely.

In the video options i see maximum texture size, 8192, 4096, 2048, 1024. So i am assuming that the largest textures you can use are 8192 in resolution. However you can use any power of 4 resolution you want to. Obviously the lower the res the less detailed it will be.

Also, keep in mind the higher the resolution, the more video memory it will use.

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so then 1024 by 1024 will work with HWRM?

If you look at the tga for the turanic raider carrier example the main texture is 2k x 4k and the engines alone are 1k x 1k

Any power of 4 texture will work up to 8192.

1024x1024, 512x1024, 4096x2048 etc.etc.etc.

1024x1024 will work with HWRM but the texture quality, especially on big ships will suffer from blurryness. Generally, a mothership/capital ship class has textures in 4092x4092 and 4092x2048 format and a fighter class can have 2048x2048 or even 2048x1024 or 1024x1024, all depending on the ship’s in-game size/shape and/or texture to 3d mesh distribution. Keep in mind that the game can auto-downgrade texture resolution depending on the in-game video/texture settings. I suggest avoiding 8192x4092 unless you have a lot of free time developing your textures, not to mention that such texture resolution is only optimal for 4K display setups and very few assets in the game have them set up to this resolution (perhaps apart from backgrounds). If you want to have the best texture quality on a ship, try to balance the ratio of the ship’s in-game size to its used texture. This rule goes for anything related to 3D/texturing.

For example, if you add a custom version of Sajuuk that is 2 times bigger than Sajuuk in the campaign (HOLY S#%T!) you’d also have to make the texture for the new Sajuuk twice as big as the original, for it to have the same overall texture quality. If you make a custom Sajuuk that is interceptor sized, you should downscale its original texture size to like 1024x1024. Little things need fewer detail.

Also, as a final note, i talked about “overall texture quality”. Think about it like this. If you make a ship (a frigate in this case) that has a lower texture resolution than the other frigates in the game, it will stand out visually by having more blurred textures, making it look out of place. It’s a good practice to avoiding making such things by always comparing the look of your ship to existing vanilla assets.

When i modded sins we went into the projects with the thinking of “the replacement ship textures MUST match, or be “slightly” lower resolution than the vanilla ship it is replacing”. Part of that reasoning was because of the 2 gig issue. People found out the hard way that the engine couldn’t handle super resolution textures. Especially people creating graphic enhancement mods.

HW-RE is obviously not Sins, but that same thinking may benefit any project that is in work. I cant imagine how well any mod will run if “every” texture is 4096, or 8192 in res.

I would actually scale textures based on how the ship is zoomed on screen. 20481024 or 20482048 looks good enough when a ship fills the screen, however on something large enough that you will be zoom into parts ofo the ship like the mother ship or ships with subsystems you may need to go larger or use multiple textures. Warlords was mostly 10241024 and 10242048 and ran fine in classic (sins seemed to have a less efficient or stable texture swapping or caching approach) however I am finding that I need to upscale to 20482048 especially for the normal maps. You can have different resolutions for each tga and a 10241024 diffuse with a 2048*2048 normal looks quite good.

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