What sort of fun little plat shop items would you like to see?

I like the XP boosters, I’m wondering what other little fun toys they could add in the plat shop to spice it up a bit. I was thinking lower prices, like 25, 50. Maybe variable titles? “Master of Capture, Rank X”, and x would be your capture wins, etc.

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First before I start: I´m generally not interested in MTs, which is related to my everlasting empty wallet.
But: I´ve some ideas.

  1. Additional Callouts
    Maybe kill-callouts or general chatter which was cut from the game before release. If GBX had some unused voicelines it would cost not much to implement.
    after a while some callouts get dull, while other keep being funny. To add new voicelines can make a huge difference and add more replayability.

  2. Teleport/respawn-animations (probably expensive in developement)
    Would be expensive to produce, but its a visual part that could get customized.

  3. Pedestals / Character-Selection bases
    We have gold & silver bases, but maybe GBX could implement more bases as MTs. For factions, maps or even character-related.
    Ekkunar base with butterflies and glowing Aztanti-architecture. Shardcluster-base for Rogue, ect.

  4. Attack-animation-skins (probably expensive in developement)
    Alanis Ult as huge Kraken instead of her leviathan, just as example.

  5. Menu-themes /Menu-skins (probably expensive in developement)
    Make game-menu and command menu themes. Faction related, or even character related skins for the general menu surfaces.

Still brainstorming :heart:


Amazing. Take a like good madam

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I want it all

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If they continue to add things that need platinum without adding a way to grind them out in the game, it will be another nail in the coffin.

With that being said, I would love to see something that changes the look of minions and bots. Don’t know how it would work, but I think it would be hysterical to fight minions that all looked like umpa lumpas


amazing, but to point 3: Only if they fix the loading issue, if you have many skins, taunts and loadouts it can take alot of time until you can select a character, mostly players with less stuff can choose like 10 seconds before you even see the characters, I fear if GBX impelemt custom pedestals It’d tale even more time…

nevertheless, keep brainstorming, seems like you have a lot of amazing ideas :thumbsup:

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and yes, I hope they implement a way to grind for Platinum. Grinding takes alot patience, and many players will buy instant if they want things badly, due to a low grind-resistance.
So GBX would still sell some MTs whie giving the grinders stuff to grind for.


Uhhhh I forgot about that… Yeah thats a thing that could make things difficult.
I wonder if it takes significantly longer to load for players with all MT-skins O.O

thanks alot! :heart:

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They won’t, not in near future, they sold way less copys than they should, most pple forget that devs are still working on that game, and all of them want to get paid (I still think they do love what they do, but they have to feed some mouths too)…
If they would’ve sold enough copys to cover this costs platinum’d be way cheaper, or not even there at all, but they need some sort of income to keep this game alive, most publishers would’ve stomped a game that earns less mones than planned, ao they need another way to keep they money flowing, even if its less than expected…
It’s not another nail in the coffin, it’s one of the reasons why we still can enjoy that game.
Noone is forced to spend money for platinum, unless of course, you want stuff really bad, I read alot of posts where people complain about the pricing and " wtf this is so ridicoulous I want it for ingame credits…", well, won’t happen, deal with it, I’ve spend 90€ for DDE preorder and another 20€ for platinum, to buy the few things I really wanted (Thorns taunt f.e., Raths black skin…) and im totally not regretting it, I got 450+ hours if playtime and think I got enough out if it, I’ve spend compairable money for games I haven’t played even the half of the time…


And I want it now

cue epic intro guitar solo from Brian May

(Queen reference)

I’d pay extra for a cooler character pedestal


I totally agree in the point that GBX and the devs are people who do a job and want to earn decent money. As artist myself I can more than symphasize with that.
Its one of the reasons I hunt official BB-merch and gift copies to friends when i got some spare bucks^^

For now MTs are what keep the game running, make updates possible as well as the earnings pay for servers and hotfix-developement. In the end MTs are the reason we don´t have to pay monthly fees as other online-games do sometimes. Not to speak of the free new PVP-content we got.

If to-grind-platinum comes at all I think its best to make it really hard to grind for. Like, really really hard.


100.000 Ingamecredits for 100 platinum would be acceptable if you ask me

I agree with you. The only problem that GBX needs to fix with this game is the player base. Every time they implement something that would do drive people away is a step in the wrong direction. I really don’t care what they add, but if they continue to try to squeeze every cent out of current players, that is a step in the wrong direction.

At this point, I would pay platinum for 2 hours of good, competitive games.

Sorry I can’t agree with “squeeze every cent”, come on, it’s just cosmetical and totally not affecting gameplay in any way, but, at this point, you already got 3 heroes, 3 maps, some skins (SHiFT), lootpacks, you get events here and there (chaos rumble, lootpocalypse), all for free and 2 heroes, modes and alot of other free stuff is yet to come, doesn’t that count anything?


I want co-op taunts; high fives, handshakes, jig dancing, i don’t care. Just… Give them to me.


First, you missed the word try in the quote, and I do think they opted to get as many whales as possible rather than getting the playerbase up. Second, I actually do think the XP boosters effect the game, the faster you level, the quicker you get lootpacks and therefor items. Third, the heros and skins and other things were promised in the season pass so I believe I already paid for them making them not free.

Bottom line, GBX has promised a lot and delivered a little. I really enjoy this game and want it to succeed, but going back to the topic at had, I want to see the playerbase get to a sustainable size for competitive modes before I want more add ins in the store. And umpa lompa minions!

I wish to have completely different skins that aren’t just recolors. I still wish to see My Kemessian Caldy, then Oscar Mike, Even Galilea. I’m am ever so patiently waiting. The only thing I will spend my money on <3 and be truly satisfied for ages.

We already had a thread like this before.

My opinions about it haven’t changed. In fact, due to how Contentless Battleborn is doing despite the recent Lootpocalypse (600 player peak on PC,) my thoughts about it have only solidified.

I will link the thread down below:

Battleborn is no longer providing me with an adequate amount of fun where I would feel compelled to fork up more money.

Spending this much energy on ideas for microtransactions when the game is collapsing and sinking in real time is greatly amusing to me. You think a good majority of old and new people are going to have a better perception of Battleborn for adding more and more microtransactions? Did I forget to mention that the game is in turmoil? Why are you not spending your time actually coming up with fun ideas that would reinvigorate the population?

And adding more ways to try to take more of my cash isn’t going to alleviate the problem at hand.

SHIFT codes, events, a few new maps, few new heroes, whatever else that I forgot don’t mean jack anything if the population, especially on PC, is still horrendously low. With results this lackluster, the last thing anyone should be doing is reward Gearbox with more money. All the free stuff means nothing to me if I’m still having issues finding a group of 4 to 5 to do PvE with, and all of my problems stem from the population being so damn low.

I have no interest in seeing anything in the marketplace, new ideas in an attempt to make the marketplace more appealing so it could tempt me to part with my cash, people trying to sell the idea that microtransactions don’t matter and that I’m a heretic for refusing to part with my money when the company has not done nearly enough to warrant such a demand, when the PC community cannot even break the 600 player peak.

If the population doesn’t get fixed before it’s too late, then none of it matters.

Until I see some drastic twist of fate, I will not spend a single cent on microtransactions.

When you say “rather then getting the playerbase up” it sounds like it’s no big deal, what should they do? make BB F2P? that would kill BB in long term.
Agree that XP boosters affect the game by getting lootpacks faster, but they don’t really affect your match (except the items of course, which can be obtained without spending platinum), so spending platinum is not an advantage for anyone, which makes it not essential to “keep up with platinum spenders”.
The heroes weren’t promised in the SP, just the “play them before standart version owners” thing, you just got 5 hero keys (this is what you already paid for, as well as the DLC’s) so you don’t need to farm credits for them, everything else is free, SHiFT codes can be entered by anyone.

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your opinion as well as your choice, I’m still having fun with that game, and I don’t think if GBX as evildoers who doesn’t care about population and instead suck every little penny put of you, they are not EA…
If you don’t like this game anymore I dont judge you, like I said it’s your choice, but don’t judge pple who still do and don’t have issues spending their earned money for something they like, you sound like we’re dumb cattle feeding Evil Corp and betraying you.
Imo GBX is one of the most sympathic studio, not only because of the unique humor or the passion in details in every character and the universe surrounding it, mainly because over the years I got the impression that they do really care about us, but in modern times there is something called “capitalism”, even if most of us dislike this, but in the end, the publisher only cares for money, they invest alot of money to publish games, so we can afford and play them, if course they aren’t doing this only for us, they want to make more money, nevertheless they are profit Organisations, so, if you were the investor and your project doesn’t do as well as planned you have 2 choices, quit the project to minimize losses, which means BB is dead, or you implement MT’s to keep a (much smaller) but markable moneyflow, to cover maintain costs and the costs for ongoing development.
If it would be that easy as all critics say to improve playerbase i’m sure they would do it, but not if that means making this game F2P or whatelse all these smartpants are suggesting, don’t you think they thought about all this stuff? I appreciate that they do not give up on BB, and I don’t think that’s all GBX/2K’s fault that this game “failed”, maybe the advertising was bad, or the release date or overwatch or whatever, I actually think all these issues made a part if what sadly happened to this gem, not all of them can be credited to the devs, they are still trying, and they are actually listening to the community, luckily not to everyone, but in the end we get what we want, somehow