What sort of fun little plat shop items would you like to see?

When ideas and energy are not being placed upon the biggest elephant in the room, the very low population on PC and steady decreasing in population on PS4 and XB1, then it’s all for naught.

Quick Match alleviated the problem to a degree, but it came far too late when the population is unhealthy.

F2P won’t save Battleborn for a number of reasons. I have mentioned my reasons why in other threads, so I won’t bother making them here.

I have no issues with capitalism. I have issues with corporatism. Again, not the place to have this discussion.

And have I judged people who still like this game? I like this game enough and I wish that it resonated more with their intended audience. But like I stated earlier, is spending your creativity on making different microtrasactions really going to increase the player count? Are you going to tell your friends that they should be playing Battleborn now because they have better looking microtransactions? Not new modes, not new characters, not new PvE campaigns, but the microtransactions.

I have no loyalty to any company, including GBX, for I believe that they care a lot about their product for the purpose of being able to create their next product and have a roof over their heads and their loved ones. I don’t hold it against anyone wanting to make money, but I’m not suddenly going to believe anyone is doing something out the goodness of their hearts -especially when they don’t know who the hell I even am. Battleborn is nothing but a service/product Gearbox made in hopes that people will pay them money in order to experience it. Gearbox is happy with my money, and I’m happy that I get to play a video game. I don’t have emotional attachment.

My highest priority is the ability to continue to have fun, and that’s not happening because the population is stuck at the 300 range on PC nearly all the time.

If this problem cannot be fixed for whatever reason, then no one gets rewarded. Nobody wins.

As for GBX giving up on BB, well, they legally cannot because people paid them money for the Season Pass. They would be openly violating the contract for refusing the complete content people paid for and can face serious litigation issues. Gearbox won’t give up on Battleborn regardless, because they actually love this creation of theirs.

okay, so say things start improving, and after the DLC has been delivered, what sort of fun little plat shop items would you like to see?

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I could be buying another copy of Civ 5 Complete or Borderlands 2 or any other game to more of my friends so I could play with them instead of spending on overpriced Platinum.

I don’t think about cosmetics or mounts or skins or anything that is psychologically trying to get more of my money when the game is facing a lot of issues.

Are you sure on this? I’ve always wondered why half the team has picked before I get the character select screen to even show up…

Yeah, it was discussed in another topic. Having loadouts (that actually have gear) will add about 1 second to the load time, per loadout.

Ahh. It all makes sense now. At least my 15 (I think, what is the max?) loaded load outs leave me plenty of viable characters to select. Since I mostly play with PUG’s I’d rather have the chance to respond to my teammates selections anyways.

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15 is the cap currently, yeah. As long as the bug persists they can’t really make it higher. But yeah, usually it’s not bad loading in later than others.
Just annoying if you want to play as a specific character but someone gets to pick them before the character selection has even loaded up for you :stuck_out_tongue:

I have more platinum than I want to admit, thanks to an impulse decision when I imagined T3 skins might be around the corner (let’s just say that the Fun and Games skin got me over-optimistic.)

It’s been sitting unspent. Nothing to buy. Worse, I’ll probably use the new Story Ops skins and taunts when they come out, because it’s rather more meaningful to wear a skin you’ve had to play well to get.

I do wish we had more ways to customize the Battleborn. I love dress-up games - not ashamed of it! After a match, I’d love nothing more than to mess about tweaking an outfit while crooning, in my best Boldur accent, “So pretty… so pretty, little Mellka.”

Imagine, if you will, a fashion mode in which Ambra gives advice and insults as you style your Battleborn.

“That pattern? You can’t be serious. Disgusting!”
“Oh, darling, wise choice! It draws attention away from so many of your deformities!”
“Gali-leeeea! You look simply fetching in that petticoat! Don’t pout now, dear…”

Then, once you’ve dressed your Battleborn, you take them out on dates together, and you watch them hold hands, and then you sigh in relief as Mellka and Deande finally kiss.

Wait, where am I? What’s this topic about again?


Those would make great added dialogue for PVP!

That’s all highly debatable. If it was another company I’d agree. But this is 2K were talking about. They’d do this no matter what. And actually, the game sold decentish. They just haven’t retained like I wish they had been able to

propapbly, but I do think that, after the heavy impact of the borderlands series, they’ve expected more than just decentish from GBX, and i’m sure the expectations haven’t been met…


I haven’t said that you actually have judged people who still like this game, I said it’s sounds like a judgement, sentences like the quoted above makes me think that, because I’m one of them who is still willing to pay for platinum.

like in the recent case of No Mans Sky, there is the possibility of refunds, similar issues, buyers have been dissapointed because the devs promised more than they actually delivered, so customers who demanded a refund, got their money back, same could happen to BB, fact is, they have delivered a game which is flagged as “Online Co-Op and Online Competitive”, which it is, but since the low playerbase on pc both cannot be played properly, which is a reason to stand back from the contract, GBX/2K can’t say that “it’s not our fault that pple don’t want to play it, so we won’t pay anything because you could play with friends for example…”, well, like I said it’s not all devs/pubs fault, but it’s still partly the case…
Lets exaggerate: dozens of dissapointed players wan’t their money back, GBX/2K refuses because it’s still possible to play, so the players initiate a lawsuit against them, which they propably would win, a part of the reason BB can’t be played properly actually goes to the devs/pubs, since 2K is aware of that I do believe they would not refuse to pay refunds, even though they’d make remarkable losses, they know, BL3 will compensate that sometime.

I’m not emotionally attaches to either GBX nor 2K, I know i am a sheep in a forest of wolves, some wolves devouring all they can find, others just take what they need, I think of GBX as the second, so if I got to choose between GBX and let’s say EA, I would always prefer GBX, since companys like EA don’t hesitate to stomp projects which aren’t as succesful as they wanted, no matter what the community wants.

@EdenSophia I’ve laughed really hard because of your really legit Ambra :joy:
you should write fan fiction storys about her, 10 of 10 would read them :smile:

That made me laugh like a drain. I don’t think I could bear Ambra’s double-edged fashion critique. Her scathing wit is far sharper than her staff. :stuck_out_tongue:

On the subject vrlalilelo mentioned, I think Sega once got in trouble with their slightly optimistic “up to six billion players” marketing for the Dreamcast. It wouldn’t surprise me if thinks got ugly between disappointed fans and Gearbox.

As for my opinion in the thread, I would be happy to pay for more loadout slots. If the loading times are an issue I wouldn’t mind if they were split into several groups of loadout slots and you chose which set of loadout slots to load up. This would be really handy if you wanted one set of slots for PVE, PVP and low-cost loadouts for Capture mode. If you could rename each set from the command menu and then drag and drop and copy loadouts between each loadout set. This would need more groundwork to create but I would be happy to pay for more loadout flexibility. Being able to organize loadout slots better would be a improvement for people that don’t want to put Platinum aside for loadout slots anyway.

I think Ambra’s Fashion Boutique should become it’s own game. It cannot be contained by mere microtransactions!


I would love to give you more crap for that, but then I remembered the amount of time I spent on Fable gathering dyes and collecting specific apparel for the same reason.

I have no high ground. I am in the dirt.

with 15 loadout slots fully filled I can choose when the countdown is at 67 seconds

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I would pay folding money to finish PvP Lore Challenges without having to PvP online ever again. $5.00 per PvP challenge if I had too! I hate them so much, and love the rest of this game so much, that I’d pay the purchase price over again to never go back in that underworld again. It’s absolutely awful. Please GBX, Take My Money!

Jythri has mentioned that they are considering allowing PvP Lore completed in private pvp matches (against bots)
Don’t let go of your money yet :stuck_out_tongue:

As reliiki mentioned, it’s something Jythri wants. He simply has to make an overhaul to the challenge system, to mark some so that way they can’t be completed in private mode. Currently, there is nothing but an organizational and superficial difference between title and lore challenges, so this would require a change

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