What Still Brings You Joy About Battleborn?

So much negativity around here lately, am I right, guys?


Let’s talk about all the things that still bring us joy about this beautiful game we all love!

Post anything, big or small, minor or big deal!

I’ll start things off:

Being a silly jackass on mic with my good friends!

The dialogue and combat callouts. Always.

Dying in ridiculous or amusing ways Cuz I’m an impatient, bloodthirsty Fool!

How beautiful everything looks and sounds!

Doing matches using nothing but Quick Melee.

Lounging in comfort on a lawn chair in my Slow Egg with Ernest.


Hearing @Deande laugh.


Killing someone, even if just once, who had been tormenting me all game.

Amusing and ridiculous blunders and screw ups!

Getting slowly better with new characters.

How much my overall skill level has increased!

Now your turn!



-Finding an actual match
-My team picking viable characters
-people who actually play the objective


Thank you for staying positive!


Positive? Yeah…let’s just go with that.

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Why even reply then?

Simply to passive aggressively troll the thread?

Go watch a movie or take a walk or something.

You’ll feel better.

I’m glad you are still playing Battleborn!


Working on Deande to get better and better is like a personal project I’ve taken up and it keeps me happy and motivated to keep playing (a certain Deande player on this forum was the inspiration for this…)

Oh and drunken playing with @LexAnarchy (that feel when the two drunks on their respective teams were carrying :joy:) and chilled out bot sessions with @wrriddle makes me still enjoy the game.



So good to hear, thank you!

As much as a lot of people hate it, releasing Bots Battle was probably the single smartest Battleborn related decision Gearbox has yet to make!

Not much anymore. I’m taking an hiatus and playing Paladins.

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When Mellka, flushed and smirking, pins me against a wall and makes me forget all about the Winter Update



Pretty good game, I’ve had some fun with it so far!


She’s hot for Eden!

It’s one of the few games I have that didn’t get stale even after playing it for over a year now.

I love all the characters and how every one of them makes the game feel different from a gameplay perspective. I’ve played every mission multiple times with many different characters, but I still love trying out new builds and gearsets, because there are much more viable variants for PvE than PvP.

Another point for the characters is the lore and the voiceacting. I sometimes play just because I wanted to listen to e.g. Shayne teasing Aurox. I listen to the audio lore again every once in a while or read the lore bits again. I love that they aren’t just stereotypes and every one of the characters has some character depth hidden somewhere.

Last but not least: Some people I met through the game. This even includes some I never played with because they aren’t on PC. I found people to talk about anything. This goes from discussion about bugs, builds and balance to me telling people how to make caprese salad the right way. I even love playing PvP (which usually is out of my comfort zone) when having some company.

I like our tiny little community and me having fun in the game is basically independent of playercount since I’m playing solo most of the time due to time constraints.




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In my case, no day/night feels complete unless I get:

  • My Marquis to run around and bow to fellow team mates during the seconds pre-match, while politely uttering his charming trademark opening line: Salutations, I hate you!

  • My Atti to, similar situation, lovingly pat his belly while stating: This is all muscle …

That’s the full extent of my taunt usage, ever.



I love you.

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Gay :dukegoof:

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Happy, whimsical, and carefree, yes!

Quite a dandy!


As I’ve said often enough, and this is despite me not playing it anymore: Beatrix, and to a lesser extent Phoebe, WF and Orendi.

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The hope that maybe we’ll get a huge update that will MASSIVELY increase the player population and add in more to the game:

-more maps

-new gamemode(s)

-better ELO system

-five new charecters

-eight new story missions

-more ops

-more weekend events

-free to play but give rewards to those who bought battleborn

-more communication with the community

That’s what I hope for. (I hit the wrong button to reply, sorry)



This is my EXACT wish, as well! Cheers and fingers crossed!