What sustains you in the game?

Following on from @SomeRandomGuy11’s excellent badass rank post, it got me thinking about how I play the game (which is regularly starting new characters with a specific uvhm farming goal in mind, which is why I rarely prestige any more, because the toons become mules at 72).

So farming, gear & BAR, sustains me, so I’d like to know what sustains other players & why you still play this nearly five years later?

Yes I am unashamedly fishing for ideas… :smile:


Character diversity, mostly. All six VHs are very different, so in principle I’d like to see all of them at their peak. In practice I find there are several who just don’t work with me - Axton has been in the mid-50s for almost a year and a half, and I’m not sure Zero will ever complete NVHM.

Some VHs are better than others at the various raid bosses, so that’s another push to continue. Maya is my only 72 so far, and she’s fine with Pete and running the Peak. If I can ever muster the energy to do so, she should be able to handle Hyperius as well. But if I’m ever to do Vora or Terra on level, I’ll need a different VH (presumably Sal or Krieg).

If you’ve taken all six to 72, and done all the content (or at least all that you care to), I got nothing. That would be time to declare victory and move on to other games in my book.

This probably isn’t the ideal time to get my opinion on the subject, since I think I’m nearing burnout again…


This forum mostly

To clarify : more of this game has been revealed to me by being here than all the years of playing prior.


Borderlands 2 is like a best friend. You know what they’re gonna say, and you know what they’re gonna do, but you still find them interesting.

To spice things up, I’ve gone for specific weapons types, rarieties, specific builds, allegiances etc. I’ve given all the unique, legendary, seraph and pearlescent gear a fair shake to see how I like them.


I have taken all six to level 72 then onto OP8 however for me I find sustainability is starting new characters which I keep either in NVHM, TVHM and UVHM playing around with different builds, trying to find different ways to play the character and of course farming different level gear with what I deem best parts for purpose. This very same way of playing has also sustained me in BL1 and TPS for a long time as well.

I agree on the burn-out side of things and do from time to time jump onto different games to break it all up, I am however still yet to find a game outside of this series which has the same pull and re-play.

Good forum/ community as well.


Well for starters @BrisbaneGreg thanks for that and for sharing with all of us on my post, i think there so many things that keep me either hanging around or coming back (which doesn’t happen much) to BL2,

This is so true, and the fact that you can play each toon in a variety of ways, some more than others with differing styles, weapons and gear, allegiances, or even rarity playthroughs like my old all white gear sniper Zero that kept me playing for a lot longer than most toons to get to OP levels, or the green and white only Maya i started just yesterday. Where did that or some of these ideas come from?

Like @Jefe said it’s great that we have somewhere we can get together and find info and ideas or just learn from each other about classes we may or may not have played, and that’s what makes the forum great imo.

@Ronnie_Rayburn is spot on for me at least, sometimes when i start a different game for the first time, i don’t know what to expect and if it’s rubbish or just not to my liking i always have BL2 to come back to. My old friend.

When i think of all the different gear that’s in BL2 i know i haven’t used all of it yet, so still more to try i guess and often be surprised by it not being to bad at all and there for fun.

Hope this helps :smiley:


This community is great. I’ve learnt a lot from the many guides & got ideas I wouldn’t have come up with on my own. It’s like getting to OP8, unless you cheat or you’re amazingly good like K6 or his ilk, you can’t do it alone :slight_smile:


It is. I’ve only more recently started to give back to this community and the forum a bit more, (some not so good like some of the rubbish Haiku’s i wrote for @Jefe 's post, soz mate) or just taking the time to read some other posts and watch some vids that people have done.

I read the post and watched the vids that @Sun_Tsunami did on his journey through the Peak to OP8. I also started to read the entirety of @Handsome_Dad 's post, What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session? (nearly 8000 in total now) and learned a lot so far, not to mention if i didn’t do that i would have missed things like post # 1655 which need to be viewed and hopefully discovered one day myself.

Checking out all the amazing Time Trial stuff, too many awesome people to mention there that not only entertain me, but inspire me to try new things.

Then there’s all the builds to try, and even things like seeing a mate @SixelA post his first vids on the forum just the other day. These things and many others bring me enjoyment, and hopefully others also and are just a few more thing’s that keep me around and playing BL2…I just love it :grin:


Three different things keep me playing this game:

  1. Maya. The combat flow and loop is addictive and I love it

  2. Completionism. I enjoy playing the game enough that I want to do everything, and even though I have 69/69 achievements, I’ve never gotten Axton or Gaige to 72, let alone OP levels.

  3. It keeps me connected to one of my high school friends with whom I quite enjoy playing co-op and our playstyles synergize quite well.



Forgive me if I have not posted the above snip correctly.

I disagree with this somewhat as I took all but my Krieg solo to OP8, Krieg being as different as he is I seconded friends on the last two runs to help where I failed. Sure there are other ways less satisfying to get there also but you don’t need to be amazing just patient, not everything is a speed run, again it is down to knowing the character and what to use along with how and when to use it. This all plays into the sustainability of the game which is the subject topic, get up and try again and again lol.

Personally I look at the peak as a game of chess whether solo or co-op, each run very different even if only slightly but still different and have a play for scenarios you may have already encountered.


That means you’re amazingly good then! I got to 5 solo & I’ve done 6 with an op8. I haven’t tried further. I think anyone that can solo op8 is highly skilled. I’m not sure, but several vids I’ve seen all appear to be on pc, so maybe pc is better (therefore easier?) than xbox?

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I am not amazing, far from it, smashed many a controller in :rage: quit, there are plenty on the forums here who have also completed solo runs with their characters main or secondary. It certainly is as you imply where it cannot be completed in the one session, it takes re-farming to remain on par should mules from previous ventures not have gear to assist with the next sitting hence the good thread this is, “what sustains you”, challenge for sure. I would say also it is the same for friends I have played with who constantly farm BA rank challenges, that is their sustenance.

I would imagine it is all the same difficulty wise on game play, I play the HC on Xbone currently and 360 prior never played on PC.


The variety that offers the game.
You can go through different emotional states, laughing at Claptrap’s monologue before reaching Hero’s Pass, and then crying with Tina during the end scene of the TTAODK DLC … and laugh again at Claptrap in the same scene.

And even if Borderlands 2 is not an open world, the only real limitations that exist in the game are defined by you, your imagination, what you want to accomplish and how you want to do it.
There are a multitude of builds and gear to play with. Also there are many constraints you can add to spice up the game : running an allegiance toon, using only the loot dropped by ennemies, playing with stuff from vendor machines, using only white/green/blue quality gear, etc …

As previously mentionned, the community, the GBX forums, Youtube I guess too, keep older players active. Maybe not by playing 40 hours per week as in 2012 when the game is out, but by helping new members, providing advice, compiling data, creating new way to kill a boss, making videos, etc …

I’ve never played BL2 on console but I guess it’s not easier on PC than on console. There are probably some differences, like the fire rate/damage limitation but nothing that makes the game way easier on PC. What makes the Peak hard, tedious imho, is the time spent to farm again and again the same stuff to pass through some levels (depends the gear and the character you are playing) before repeating the same process till you’ve reached the final OP level.

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First of all, because it’s just fun to play. Most of my farming is purely for sport. Shooting things and collecting loot is relaxing. I also love the world and the humor.


Couldn’t agree more!


Great post and thread, some interesting reading in here :slight_smile:
What sustains me is my own personal insanity! I’ve played Borderlands 2 on and off since it’s release, and play it more now than I ever have. I put that down to the fact that modern games are mostly awful and/or multiplayer only, or that pretend choice you get in some games. I’m glad I can play BL2 on newer hardware with an FoV slider and all that good stuff, but otherwise i’d say gaming died last console generation.

This game keeps giving. I’m sure (in fact I know) i’m not alone here in saying I still to this day see things i’ve never seen before, and given that most games that exist show you everything inside 5 hours these days, I call that a win.


Farming ultimate gear ultimately. However I haven’t got it all yet, might as well start experimenting with all of that gear a lot more and continue playing after I complete that goal.

Lately almost everything I do is farming Buttstallion, because it’s so easy to keep pressing that single button while something else, like listening to videos, reading books, writing stuff, thinking abot things. So it’s more like I’m playing Borderlands on background.

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I second this. 6 very different characters with a huge variety of builds that can completely change the way the game plays.

Absolutely! The Gearbox community is second to none.

For me ,
There always seems to be something new to try and even now I find things I’ve never seen before.
I’m currently trying to do a 100percent on a character for the first time , as well as developing my first Zero.

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1- I’ve still yet to get a Hawkeye, mainly because I hate Vora :rage:
2- All of my O6 VH reached OP8 via a game glitch that has since been removed. As such, I want to see how good I really am, which meant starting all new characters with THC and seeing how far I can get. So far the new Sal has reached OP8 and the new Gaige is at OP7- just for my own personal integrity I want to see what I can legitimately do here :innocent:


Hello there!

Excellent topic :grin:

As many stated, I love the character diversity which allows to enjoy truly different experiences with the game; Krieg is my beloved butchering punk but I’ve loved playing Melee Zer0, Pistolero Sal and Anarchist Gaige;

Other than that, I love to get new skins and heads, complete challenges (as it forces you to try out new gear) and most of all the multiplayer experience because VHs complete one another oh so well :grinning:
Like Legendary Sickle and Legendary Nurse go together like peanut butter and maple syrup :innocent:

As @AMG_75 punched right into it, the humor and atmosphere of the series makes playing the game very relaxing and highly enjoyable.