What systems have got a competitive community going

I’m privileged to have many brothers who all choose different systems to buy. So if I’m wanting to participate in Battleborn tournaments and competitive play where should I go? My honest goal is to go pro with this game if this reaches the competitive market, so I’m interested in meeting high competition as soon as possible. When I say system I’m including xb1 ps4 and pc

PS4 gets some exclusive benefits I believe, which means that if they ever have GBX supported tourneys, etc. They’ll be playing them on PS4. However, it’s the same thing with COD yet they have a big XB1 competitive base on Game battles, etc. I’d go with PS4 to be safe.

Makes sense to me

I’m starting one called Battleborn Tournament of Badassery on PS4. It’s heavily influenced by borderlands haha

First tournament is July 9th. Hopefully we can find enough teams to make it exciting.