What taunts make you feel absolutely dirty?

So, I just unlocked Alani’s dabbing taunt


The level of disrespect is off the charts.

To rub your kill in your opponent’s face, you meme all over them. Vicious.

What taunts out there make you feel absolutely evil to use?



benedict is pretty Irksome while he dances going " you suck you suck you suck"

Galilea’s Finaly fantasy 7 cloud taunt is also very annoying but that is simply because I hate cloud strife with a passion and since Galil was OP for quite some time it reminded me how FF7 fandom ruined the FF franchise.

And I guess last I would put all of Marquis, cause getting taunted by a sniper is always cool :open_mouth:

besides that some taunts are outright cute, like kelvin when he grabs that firefly thingy

Attikus’s “Deadly Neurotoxin” without a doubt.


I don’t see anything special with that taunt…

And honestly I find benedict having the worst taunts & lines of the whole game.

To me the best ones are from montana and his “beautiful booty gesture” is amazing after killing someone.

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Bennedict dancing saying “you suck”, Montana slapping his ass, Whiskey Foxtrot’s dance, although that ones just too funny to get mad about, Deande’s peak-a-boo, and S&A’s last one is pretty dope since it means ■■■■ you. Other than that, there’s none that are all that annoying.

Montana’s Inappropriate Gesture

IMHO Whiskey’s is by far the one guilty of low moral fiber.

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Am i completely out of the time but i have no idea what’s ment by Alani’s taunt there… like… at all…

You need to keep up to date with your dank memes, good sir or madam.

Same. I don’t see anything particular in that taunt

It’s “Dab” a dance move! A vine thing or something I guess.

Not exactly dirty but I guess Toby’s default taunt must be pretty irritating for the enemy.

But he’s nice and encouraging :smiley:
That’s what I love with this character, he’s like the perfect moba player.
Encourage the enemies and treat them as friends. He even apologizes when he insults someone and feel guilty when dying.


“I’ve got my eyeeeeeeeeee on you.”

Gotta say Foxtrot’s little “adult” gesture pisses me off to no end. Toby’s rank 15 taunt is just agitating though. I mean, it kinda just encourages a rage-filled, hyper-competitive environment. I play games to have fun, not to get angry and “kill noobs”

A couple I adore though are Miko’s and Alani’s bows. I feel like it’s showing the enemy they fought well and I respect them. Mellka has some really sassy ones and I adore Deande’s “The List”. I always get a chuckle when that one’s used on me…
“I’ll mark that one under… dead morons. There we go.”


Whiskey foxtron Tea bag dance and Thorn’s wink.

Probably…this one :wink:


I think that stance was in the short anime intro. you know? the one where he stands on a jet plane

Yeah, he stands like that on the menu screen as well I’m sure.