What taunts make you feel absolutely dirty?

I still have no idea what he says during that taunt.
It seems to end with “not found” or something but I can’t understand it.

Something like * laughter/Hobo 404 not found*

My thoughts on evil taunts:

  • Reyna flipping you off by “shooting” down her other fingers
  • Benedict repeating “you suck”
  • Oscar Mike flexing then giving you a nod
  • Shayne’s airhump(?)
  • Anything Marquise, because f**k marcheese

These tend to make me the most vindictive to the point I will single them out for the entire match, kill them and taunt them repeatedly.

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^ anything marcheese. I take immense pleasure from confusing him by Toby punching him in the face.
I love Rath’s “haha the sword’s mine now!” I’m sure I’ve made people hate Toby’s "eVen if you’re dead, I totally believe in you!"
Being taunted by om is always annoying. I like whiskey’s though. And as someone above said. … TEA CEREMONY!

I’m still in love with Raths blade lick. You want to take the opposing teams Rath out of the game mentally , kill him once and do that lol. He will try to cross to your side repeatedly to attempt to kill you , at the expense of dying in the process by getting ganked lol :joy::joy::joy::joy: never fails


Reyna straight up flips you off.

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I really want some Alani taunts and stuff. To bad the drop rates are “abysmal.” Ha, see what I did there.

I think that joke went over my head because I don’t correlate an abyss with water :stuck_out_tongue:

Ambra, stretching and Yawning. Showing how bored you made her before she killed you. Definitely my favorite from hers…very disrespectful.

Shayne’s “SUCK IT” taunt

Caldarius’ slow clap

Whiskey Foxtrot’s dirty dancin’

All of Benedict’s taunts are hella annoying. lol Hate being taunted by him.

Toby’s “Shy” taunt, not sure the name of it, but it’s kawaii af.


Ambra yawning or her Too Hot taunt

Toby: “It’s OK buddy, everybody dies sometimes.”

In other words, if your getting killed over and over and then get taunted with this, its salt in the wound by practically saying “It’s just a game, chill”

Dance thing related to that one afro guy with glasses and goateee beard look from party rock anthem

Haha, i love getting killed by competent Toby players and seeing this or the “Come on, guys, i’m not THAT good” one. It probably pisses off a lot of people when i do that, but i absolutely LOVE it. The only one i ever felt was going to cause a man hunt for me (and it did… many times) was Benedict’s “you suck” dance. Then i got regurgirocket, because I prefer that one. “Oh, THAT’S where i left that…” haha. Marquis pisses me off with ANY of his taunts, because i loath snipers. Yeah, just la-ha-half it up buddy, i’ll be back with something for you; “psst! I mean ROCKETS.”


I don’t really taunt but some are really funny, I don’t easily get upset and I’ve killed too many people taunting at the wrong time which really makes me chuckle.

I never see it because she doesn’t get used much, but Reyna’s level 15 taunt has her literally go Super Saiyan and it’s absolutely disgusting.

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Probably one of Ambras taunts. The hot butt one.

Alani dabbin on them folks.