What the deal with this invisible wall?

In the new takedown you can t get out from here, I don t know where I was supposed to go and I ended up here exploring.
There is litteraly nothing between where I stand and the platform with vending machine and I cant move forward because invisible wall
My patience is getting thin, can t a goddamn thing work correctly in this game?

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Drop down To get to anathema.

Remember To jump at the last possible moment so you land in the platform belowm

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You don’t need to jump iirc.


any way to get out of this patch of land or do I have to restart ?

look ahead from vendor go to edge, but go to far left side of that edge, look down to see a slide and drop down.

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ok thanks everyone, managed to get out of the land patch and fell in the water , yeah you do have to jump correctly to get to the platform below.

Rip, start at the beginning. If you got snowdrift no need to jump, but i still jump lol

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