What the F$#∆ Gearbox?

Why does gearbox spending this time nerfing all loot to the point that it’s really no fun. I mean I spend hours going through the game. Doing all side missions, doing all typhoin drops and still no legendaries. But boy is there still a lot of glitches. I try to drive anything and it’s like my players drunk or something. I’m looking at something in the game and suddenly I’m ten feet away. When is gearbox gonna learn that the reason this Franchise has stayed around is the awesome guns and game play. We spend all these hours in game to show off the cool guns that we get and now all of that is taken away. What about the players that just started the game? You have all of these people that have been level 50 for a while now and they have all these cool guns but all that the beginner’s have to look forward to is a bunch of whites,greens and maybe a purple now and then. Gearbox, get your crap together pleas and fix what needs to be fixed and give the players what they want. Shooting and LOOTING.