What the FAQ? Downgrade any good weapon?!

Hello guys,
I’m a huge fan of borderlands, but with the new update, which was releases on ps4 yesterday I’m really dissapointed. All of my weapons doesn’t make damage anymore…
e.g. the Hellwalker Shotgun (one of the best weapons ingame) got a downgrade from 11.000x13 to 2.100x13 damge. WHAT?! that are only 20% of the origin? It’s a ■■■■■■■ Jakobs? What is with “If you need more than one shoot, then it’s not a Jakobs”. I need 3 shoots for a ■■■■■■■ scag on rampage lvl 2… But the shootgun “the Lab” does the same damage as before. Why is just the good stuff downgraded?
I’m in the middle of killing of “wotan the invincible” and you can forget it.
what should i do with a SMG and 1k damage? thats useless!
The game is difficult enough! And now I can’t do any damage to harder enemies. It’s like a normal guy wants to ■■■■ with the Terminato. HAHA no chance. So why do you downgrade only some weapons and than this hard?
I’m really sad. Yesterday I farmed a lot of stuff and then I tried wotan. After a short break the update was installed and I had absolutely no chance to get to him.
I will farm some new stuff today and If I dont find something good I geuss I will quit this game.
I wanted to buy the DLC but not with that kind of ■■■■ you doing.
Farming the whole day and then “haha look at this guy, let’s make his gear useless!”
You ■■■■■■ me up.
Thanks for wasting my time

If you skip hotfixes, this tends to happen to alot of weapons - and will continue until they’re “hard-patched” into the game; Lob is an example of patched


Wait till the hotfix is sign is showing


If there’s an update, there’s usually notes associated with it posted in the news section. If what you’re experiencing isn’t explained by those notes, take a moment to question the situation before blowing a gasket and spewing vitriol all over the place. There’s plenty to go around without adding the needless excess.


You probably skip the hotfix sign. Wait for it.

On the other hand, expect this to happen multiple times whenever GBX decides to nerf some guns. It happened and it will happen. Prepare to be disappointed.

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same problem(PC).
my lv65 “breath of the dying” damage changed from 10k to 3k. i have the hellwalker too.
have to restart the game repeatedly until the stat became correct.
the bloody harvest content also missing when this happens(during the event period).

it just dont show up.