What the farming frenzy changes actually are

@ StumpyJoeChilds posted this link in another thread. Hat’s off to em.

It’s a great article that cleared up a lot of confusion for me about the event.


This is helpful however I’ve had the issue where Brood Mother on Nekrotafeyo (however that’s spelled) doesn’t spawn every time and the Scourge launcher doesn’t drop any more than it used to. Not sure if I’m missing something here like the hotfixes are applied and everything.

Brood mother isnt a rare spawn, its a completely unrelated bug that they didnt fix. She’s a hunt target, and as such always should have 100% spawned.


That’s probably right but I felt like I was getting slightly more loot than usual in the CoS.
I’ll personally take it with a grain of salt as Forbes also claimed you needed to play as a specific vault hunter get their m4 mod.
Edit: Yep good ol’ Paul not doing proper research, at least Forbes is still a good source for economics and science.

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If you’re looking for the Scourge, go farm the Cistern of Slaughter. Right now there are FOUR Alicritous Vanda’s which show up every time and drop Baby Makers and Scourge like they were candy.

Red arrows pointing at the Scourge launchers that you can see. There were others, but you can’t see them.

I’ll totally go do this!! Thanks for the tip, man

If you’re just looking for the Scouge then after the Alicritous Vandas appear and you kill them, fast travel to the fast travel station at the entry to the Cistern of Slaughter and you’ll only have to reply the final round again rather than all 5 rounds. You can run out and check to see if the scourge you wanted dropped before restarting the round.

Don’t need to fast travel. Just run to this spot:

Where my crosshair is.

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Not sure what was ever unclear about this in the first place. This article didn’t clear up anything. People are upset because they farm something 200 times and it never drops at all.

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Just crawl in that corner and it thinks I’ve left? I’ve been so close when woodblocking those rakks.

Just chiming in to say these changes and the Maliwan changes should be permanent along with Mayhem 2.0

Maybe give an option of not scaling the Takedown difficulty for those who want that

I assume you’ve tried it by this point but if you just run up in that corner, it just counts as you leaving and despawns everything.

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hah. I did that on accident one time and didnt realize thats why it thought I died. Now I know its something that can be exploited.

Yeah, I was reading this earlier and the individual that wrote that article doesn’t seem to have a very good grasp of what they are trying to explain.

There are several points that blatantly contradict each other and it goes back and forth…

I recommend taking this article with a grain of salt at best; it sounds like somebody trying to repeat something they overheard but don’t understand at worst.


No I haven’t tried it yet that corner just looks like any other corner.
I assume you see green lines of data flow down in front of you after this.

Either side of that elevator works. However fast travel is best if you need to refill ammo.

Honestly while the change they’ve done is welcome it’s as people have stated, not solved the issue. Here’s hoping a future patch will buff drop rates by quite a bit.

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Thanks for the link, clears up what I, and a lot of others, have been experiencing since the event started. I’m reading where people are farming the same boss 50/100 times and still not being able to get the piece they’re hunting for. I don’t have the patience to farm one boss that many times at one sitting, it’d seriously drive me insane. I roam around with my list in hand getting 3-5 runs per boss all the while keeping my legs, feet and toes crossed in the hopes that something drops.