What the flak ?!?


Learn the comfy “optimal distance”.

Sit back.



Is any other weapon even needed?

Curiousity - what’s a Flakker like with Nisha’s action skill?

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Yes. the luck cannon has more firepower and infinitely more accuracy.

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Hopefully in BL3 we’ll ditch the “bazillion guns” deal and just have a bazillion Flakkers.

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Hopefully they create more guns with fun and unique firing patterns.

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And maybe have them balanced kinda evenly so no one gun is head and shoulders above the rest.

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Yes, for anything that’s too far away.

About the same really

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Did anyone try to use the Flakker on Aurelia against EOS, with 10/5 in only the best? How well does that work?

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Reviving this thread because I found it while trying to look for info on [REDACTED]

Anyway since there isn’t a BL3 section yet I’d just like to say that the Flakker absolutely should return in BL3 because duh

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Four years is way too dead to necro; let this thread rest in peace, eh?