What the flak ?!?

Learn the comfy “optimal distance”.

Sit back.



Is any other weapon even needed?

Curiousity - what’s a Flakker like with Nisha’s action skill?

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Yes. the luck cannon has more firepower and infinitely more accuracy.

Hopefully in BL3 we’ll ditch the “bazillion guns” deal and just have a bazillion Flakkers.

Hopefully they create more guns with fun and unique firing patterns.

And maybe have them balanced kinda evenly so no one gun is head and shoulders above the rest.

Yes, for anything that’s too far away.

About the same really

Did anyone try to use the Flakker on Aurelia against EOS, with 10/5 in only the best? How well does that work?


Reviving this thread because I found it while trying to look for info on [REDACTED]

Anyway since there isn’t a BL3 section yet I’d just like to say that the Flakker absolutely should return in BL3 because duh

Four years is way too dead to necro; let this thread rest in peace, eh?